Despite a decision by their mayor, Christians in an Indiana city aren’t planning to shy away from celebrating one of the most important holidays on the Christian calendar.

John Hamilton, mayor of Bloomington, Indiana, announced he wanted the town to be more inclusive, so he issued an edict that Good Friday wouldn’t be observed – but that “Spring Holiday” would. City workers have the day off for the purpose of celebrating spring.

Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute compares it to some historians these days opting for the “B.C.E.” designation (Before the Common Era) when referencing years instead of the more familiar “B.C.” (before Christ) or “A.D.” (Anno Domini – Latin for the Year of Our Lord).

According to Smith, the Bloomington Good Friday edict is “just another example of political correctness coming from our [state’s] most prominent university community.”

He doesn’t expect Christians attending church in Bloomington on Sunday to be celebrating spring.

“They’re going to celebrate Easter – and it’s going to be a mighty celebration indeed, as we acknowledge our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” he offers. “And I think the times we live in, where churches are being bombed in places like Egypt, it just makes us more aware of just how precious and important this holiday is.”


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