Watching the Minneapolis Police Department abandon its precinct to the torch and crowbar-wielding peaceful protesters in that Democrat-run state and city, my first thought was that I should disarm. After all, I have been reliably informed by our smart and competent elite betters that I don’t need firearms because the police will protect me, and I am sure that even though they can’t defend their own police station they will absolutely defend me, my family, and our pet unicorn Chet.

Confusingly, I have also been reliably informed that the police are evil monsters of racism and badness and that they should be the only ones with guns because of reasons that I am not clear on, but I do know that our smart and competent elite betters know better.

Despite their compelling argument to the contrary – that we normal Americans, the kind that don’t riot, are a bunch of racist, Jesus-loving Neanderthals who should be grateful for the elite’s benevolent rule over us and anything that goes wrong is because the Orange Man is Bad – I still tend to think that we ought to keep our guns.

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