The Home School Legal Defense Association is trying to correct the actions of an unruly school district in Colorado it says is unlawfully demanding information from homeschoolers in their district.

HSLDA attorney Mike Donnelly says public school officials in Aurora are “unlawfully” demanding homeschoolers use a website to submit letters of intent. He explains the officials in the Aurora district are demanding – via a web form – that the families submit personal information, such as birth dates and full legal names.

According to the attorney, all attempts by his group to contact Aurora officials to correct the situation have failed.

“HSLDA reached out to Aurora. We’ve sent several letters to the superintendent pointing out the problems with their actions of requiring people to use a web interface that requires unlawful information – with no response. I reached out to the president of the school board – no response,” he shares.

Donnelly says HSLDA is going to continue its efforts to remedy this situation.

“Aurora shouldn’t be allowed to get away with unlawful actions,” he tells OneNewsNow. “So we’re going to continue to try to reach out to the officials in Aurora, Colorado, and hopefully we’re going to get a response.”

Donnelly notes homeschool families in Aurora for decades have not encountered a paperwork problem with school officials – until this year. The issue was brought to HSLDA’s attention by an Aurora homeschooling father of six who has submitted his letter of intent to another district this year.


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