Apparently diversity outdoes democracy for administrators at one San Francisco high school as demonstrated by their attempt to rig the outcome of a student election.

When administrators encouraged 15-year-old James Ortiz to run for the student council last September, he thought it was because they thought he’d be good in leadership. However, it’s come to light recently that it was because of his Hispanic last name.

Brad Dacus of the Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute finds that totally unacceptable.

“There’s nothing more demeaning than for a student to find out that the reason they were being pushed to run for office was not because of their skills, ability, or character but simply because of their last name – and that’s exactly what these principals attempted to do,” the attorney tells OneNewsNow.

When another student won the election, administrators at Raoul Wallenberg High School – still determined to have diversity – attempted to unseat the newly elected vice president and replace her with Ortiz, but he declined.

The administrators need to go, says Dacus. “These principals should probably step down and resign and be replaced with principals who demonstrate true equality and true respect for all students – not preference to others simply because of their race or their Spanish last name,” he suggests.

Annoyed students shot down a proposal by school officials this last semester to let them appoint student leaders in all grades.


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