Strange days indeed.

Wednesday, more than 100 Wayfair employees walked out of their Back Bay offices to protest their employer’s sale of furniture to a government contractor supplying detention camps for migrant children on the southern border.

Again, they were motivated to walk out because their employer was providing comfort to families on the border, which wouldn’t seem like such a bad thing. Unfortunately, this particular progressive protest narrative crossed paths with a similar but different narrative from a a few days ago, namely that border facilities are concentration camps.

As a result, since their narrative algorithm is purely binary, one cannot do business with the evil overseers of concentration camps, even if the result is aid and comfort for little children.

Good thing they didn’t get what they wanted. If they had it would be too bad for the children sleeping on concrete. Perhaps they would sleep better knowing that some Wayfair employee in Wellesley was slumbering away soundly with a clear conscience on a Sleepnumber bed after standing up to evil by yelling at TV cameras in Copley Square.

Such is the world when hatred for President Trump is the predominate emotion for half of the country.

Trump-related mass hysteria has morphed the administration into the Third Reich, border control agents into the Wehrmacht and conservative influence in government into the dark forces of the “Handmaid’s Tale,” in which women are used as chattel to generate babies.

Not only do women dress as the Handmaids, they believe it. These are serious people with serious jobs in decision-making capacities and their day-to-day life is essentially an elaborate hallucination in which they are the hunted and the Trump Regime is the hunter.

That is why it is so easy for them to fabricate a hate crime hoax, a la Jussie Smollett, in which rabid Trump fans brave the freezing weather in progressive Chicago looking to lynch the actor because he criticizes the president. The story is so lazy and badly constructed that Smollett must have assumed that he didn’t need to do much convincing: The American people were 99 percent there.

All he had to do was buy some hats and rope and make a phone call. The “attack” was so egregious that his submarine sandwich was fully intact when he got home.

Many fake hate crime accounts sound similar. In 2016 a 20-year-old man told Malden cops he was harassed by two men proclaiming it’s “Trump country now.” According to the police report, the men used a racial slur, made a reference to lynching and warned him this is Donald “Trump country now.”

He later admitted he made the whole thing up.

As the Herald reported at the time, several high-profile hate crime reports turned out to be false. “In Lafayette, La., a Muslim woman will be charged with filing a false report after she admitted to making up a story about two men — one in a Trump hat — robbing her of her wallet and her hijab head scarf. In Santa Monica, Calif., police said they could find no evidence an alleged beating of a gay man by Trump supporters had taken place.”

It is perfectly understandable to hold disdain for Donald Trump or any president. Politics is often about whipping up fear and anxiety about an opponent to drive the vote a particular way, but we need elected leaders to put the brakes on. We need sanity back in this country. Elected leaders should not be vilifying line-level ICE agents or lying about “concentration camps” and making comparisons between this administration and Nazis.

Politicians and other thought leaders need to use their influence to turn down the heat and separate fantasy from reality.


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