We have fireworks on the House floor! During debate on Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s anti-Trump resolution was ruled out of order by her own right hand guy, the presiding Democrat of the session just dropped the gavel and walked out, and the rest of the Dems still can’t figure out what to do with President Trump. The Pledge of Allegiance is back at one city council’s meetings, and I’ll show you why the so-called “squad” is so unpopular.

Nancy Pelosi was put in timeout by her own party on Tuesday after she repeatedly called President Trump a racist on the House Floor. The full Democrat caucus eventually voted to reinstate her speaking privileges but not before one Democrat dropped the gavel and walked out of the meeting. It was complete disarray for the Democrats.

The city council of St. Louis Park, MN — in Ilhan Omar’s Congressional district — voted to bring back the Pledge of Allegiance after outrage from residents and the ongoing national media attention. Plus, here’s one reason why Americans can’t stand “the squad.” Check out today’s show for all the details.

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