An armed public is shouting back at Black Lives Matter protesters, who are now marching with rifles and pistols, and a longtime law enforcement officer says it’s only a matter of time until things go south.

It is nothing new for a local news anchor to report BLM protesters illegally blocked a city intersection, or a YouTube video shows white diners being harassed to support the movement, but the radical group’s in-your-face tactics have grown more dangerous in recent weeks after BLM marchers have been seen with handguns in holsters and semi-auto rifles dangling around their necks.

On the day of the Kentucky Derby, BLM protesters in Louisville were marching toward Churchill Downs when they confronted diners at La Chasse, an upscale restaurant. It was outside the restaurant that an armed customer produced a small-caliber pistol, and the already-tense scene went wild because one of the protesters, standing just feet away, was armed with an AR-15 rifle.

“It was a tense few minutes,” Hayes Gardner, a Louisville newspaper reporter, stated on social media from the scene outside La Chasse.

Gardner, who followed the protesters down the city streets, later reported that a “few” protesters were armed outside the restaurant. He also filmed police chasing down several protesters to make arrests.

Five arrests were made that day related to the protests, including an armed marcher who is a convicted felon, The New York Post reported, which means the unknown man outside La Chasse was unknowingly confronting a convicted felon who was not legally allowed to own a firearm.

Randy Sutton of Law Enforcement News Network says the public has decided that police officers are not coming to the rescue.

“They’re seeing anarchy. They’re seeing crime at a level that is absolutely incredible,” he tells One News Now. “They’re doing what they need to do to defend themselves.”

The footage from the newspaper reporter showed numerous police officers lined up to watch the protesters but no badges were seen at the restaurant, where police arrived after the incident.

In riot-torn Portland, Oregon, where far-left protesters routinely march in the streets, alarming video footage (caution: foul language) from May 8 shows an armed man in a red pickup in a standoff with a mob of armed Antifa and BLM activists who are blocking the street.

“You’ve got five seconds to lower that [expletive] weapon,” the man, who had put away his own pistol, warns the black-clad protesters aiming guns at him.

Once back in the truck, after driving slowly through the mob, the man makes a terrible mistake: He jumps from his truck to confront the mob when someone from the crowd knocks him down. The mob then rushes to grab his firearm and subdue him.

“It is absolute anarchy,” Sutton says of the street violence, “and this is squarely on the shoulders of these liberal Democratic governments in the cities that are allowing anarchy.”


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