On Saturday, two preachers in Canada were stopped by police on a freeway, dragged to awaiting police vehicles, and charged with organizing and inviting people to attend what authorities say was an illegal in-person gathering.

The arrests were captured on video.

Brothers Artur and Dawid Pawlowski – according to this CBC report – have been “defying public health restrictions” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their arrests by authorities in Calgary over the weekend came after Alberta Health Services obtained a court order that applies to gatherings such as protests, demonstrations, and rallies.

Less than an hour earlier, Pastor Artur Pawlowski had hosted a church gathering in Calgary. A video on Twitter shows a maskless crowd participating in a worship service. According to the CBC report, it wasn’t the first time the two brothers have held such gatherings during the pandemic.

Approximately one month ago, Artur Pawlowski kicked law enforcement officers out of his church sanctuary when they attempted to shut down an Easter worship service without a warrant, presumably in their attempt to crack down on COVID restrictions. The video of that encounter (below) has garnered nearly a million views on YouTube.