Christian-based homeless ministries are expressing concern over the latest mandate from the Obama administration that allows men to be housed with women.

Housing and Urban Development has finalized and issued a rule that homeless shelters that receive federal funds must allow transgender men to be housed with women in homeless shelters on an equal basis. Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America tells OneNewsNow that her friends in Christian homeless ministries are concerned about the obvious issues of privacy and safety, but there’s more.

“Shelters need the freedom to make decisions independently on a case-by-case basis,” she explains. “And any time the federal government takes that ability away from them, they create hazards for everyone involved. At bottom, these are Christian ministries that must stay true to their core values.”

According to reports, the government is threatening the loss of federal funds to pressure the shelters into bowing to the liberal agenda.

“They’re very worried about being penalized by the government,” Nance says. “This is not so much about the idea of government funding – they’re worried about lawsuits. So this is very serious. This will definitely hamper the ability of ministries to care for their population, the poorest of the poor.”

In a related issue, when the federal government threatened to withdraw federal funds from schools unless they adopted a similar policy, outraged parents and elected officials protested – resulting in more than 20 states filing lawsuits to halt the move.


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