The GOP establishment just doesn’t get it. The voters are sending a clear message that they want change, and yet establishment politicians keeping offering more of the same. Now, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham who had endorsed Jeb Bush has proposed his dream ticket: Marco Rubio and John Kasich. Let’s hear it for amnesty and government-run healthcare.

As reported in The Hill, Graham is urging presidential candidates to unite to bring down Donald Trump.

Graham suggested that a Trump presidency would “change the party for the worse.”

“Donald Trump would get wiped out in November, but really make it hard for the party to succeed in the future,” Graham said Sunday, arguing that Kasich and Rubio could help bring out voters in Ohio and Florida, which are swing states in the general election.

Maybe there’s a reason that Lindsey Graham received no support for his presidential candidacy. And maybe, there’s a reason why his pick — Jeb Bush — dropped out. The writing is on the wall. Can these folks read it?

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