Now that Robert O’ Rourke — Beto — has suffered his third huge loss, it’s time for him to stop running for offices in Texas. We’ve had enough Beto for one lifetime.

First, the former El Paso city councilman ran for Senate in 2018 against Sen. Ted Cruz. After he lost, O’Rourke briefly popped up on the national stage and ran for president. This time, he’s been dispatched by Gov. Greg Abbott, who easily won a third term Tuesday.

O’Rourke needs to quit running for office for a lot of reasons, but mainly because he’s lost all of his races. There’s a reason for that: His liberal policies are unwelcome and unwanted in Texas. Even though he posed as a moderate in this recent race against Abbott, it was only after he sounded like a progressive, gun-stealing zealot while running for president.

The impression he gave Texans when he returned to the Lone Star state was that he was squishy and untrustworthy, a chameleon who changes his colors for his audience.

His concession speech Tuesday night, such as it was, seemed detached from reality. He blamed “voter suppression” and talked as if he was an underdog on campaign cash.

O’Rourke lacks the experience and gravitas necessary to lead a large state like Texas that has significant upsides, like a booming economy, and challenges, like a struggling power grid.

Finally, the former congressman needs to quit because he’s overstayed his welcome. The fact that he ran for three offices in four years should tell you something: O’Rourke isn’t passionate about a particular office, he just wanted to win something. Remember when he said he was “just born to be in it”?

He’s like that annoying ex you find out who calls not just you every now and then, but a bunch of other exes too. He just wants to be wanted. Texas has ghosted him twice. He really should get the message.

The amount of money O’Rourke has raised — and let’s be frank, wasted — over the last three races in just four years, only to lose all, is mind-boggling. He raised $80 million for his Senate race against Ted Cruz in 2018 and $60 million for his governor race against Greg Abbott in 2022; about $190 million in total. Just over 40% of the sum of O’Rourke’s donations came from out-of-state donors, compared to 17.6% of Abbott’s.

Texans don’t want O’Rourke, even if Hollywood does.

Along with the Star-Telegram Editorial Board, I’ve interviewed O’Rourke twice. He’s a nice, charming, zealous guy. I’m sure he thought he could make a difference in Texas. He might have been received well in a more moderate state.

But after multiple losses, it’s clear he’s not intent only on helping people or just improving people’s lives through politics. This is a guy who just wants to keep his name recognition alive through politics and gain power.

Thankfully, Texans won’t let that happen. As I’ve said before, O’Rourke started as a shtick and now, the jig is up. May he live in peace but no longer run for office in Texas.

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