The telltale signs of something truly sinister happening to America were seemingly subtle when they began. At first, they were so overshadowed by the scary prospect of the Wuhan Flu pandemic that many people willingly ignored them. But as disturbing incidents continued and escalated, their ominous pattern could not be ignored.

A father in a near empty Denver park was arrested and handcuffed in front of his six year old daughter, for ostensibly violating “social distancing” guidelines. In Tennessee, a Christian youth group event was interrupted and disbanded by local police on the grounds that those present, numbering sixteen, exceeded the “social distancing standard” of ten. The police had been alerted by “elders” from the Church that rented the space to the youth group, who then went on to accuse the group leader of “trespassing,” claiming the meeting was prohibited in the first place.

Though these initial incidents occurred only a few weeks ago, they are quickly being eclipsed by a rash of unconstitutional abuses that have occurred since. And with each passing day, it becomes ever more inescapable that a truly menacing social movement is spreading faster than any biological virus, with its potential to inflict suffering and even death across modern civilization on an unimaginable scale. All of human history is replete with examples of such plagues and the unspeakable harm they portend.

It is monumentally ironic that what is currently transpiring across American society can best be explained by using a pathological metaphor. “Opportunistic Infection,” a medical term, describes “an infection by an organism that does not ordinarily cause disease, but becomes pathogenic under certain circumstances, as when a patient’s immune system becomes compromised.”

Despite the most hysterical and alarmist efforts of the leftist counterculture to convince us that the planet teeters on the brink of incinerating itself, people looked around themselves and didn’t see any evidence of it, so they weren’t willing to forfeit their prosperity and standard of living to turn the tide on “global warming.” Despite the best efforts of the leftist counterculture to convince us that we are inherently fragile, and incapable of handling failure, people weren’t willing to abandon their pursuit of happiness through capitalistic ventures by which the talented and diligent among us could flourish.

But just perhaps, when those same members of the leftist counterculture have done their best to convince everyone that we face the terrifying prospect of an unknown killer that randomly takes lives, enough people can be cowed into giving up everything they’ve had, in hopes of achieving the historically empty promise of trading it all for a meager oppressed existence which the left tells us is the embodiment of security. And of course the opportunistic leftist Democrat office holders across the land, from local offices to the highest levels of government, were waiting in the wings to seize upon the potential death and suffering of the Wuhan Flu as a springboard for their despotic aspirations.

Per Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky, the leftist agenda must be advanced under a banner of “virtue.” That’s why leftists are always presenting themselves with a facade of holding the “moral high ground.” In the current crisis, the shameless grandstanding of leftist Democrats and their Fake News parakeets is all fixated on “saving lives,” as if their iron-fisted abuses of power could stem the spread of the disease, when so much of it only serves to consolidate their unconstitutional grip on power. It is no coincidence that the only precepts of any official response to the virus which are readily embraced by leftist Democrats are those which involve control of the people, and suppression of individual liberties.

In Michigan, rabid leftist Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has encroached on virtually every facet of life, exemplified by such insane edicts as her prohibition of the sale of seeds for vegetable gardens. Clearly, this is a naked power grab, and a serious threat to Michiganders who would merely seek to go out in the yard at their discretion. Given the absolute disconnect between mere yard work and the hysterical claims of its contributing to the spread of a disease, it becomes grimly obvious that this power grab is part of an agenda with its own dangerous purpose.

In Kentucky, Governor Andy Beshear, a Democrat (of course), issued an executive order rendering Church gatherings “verboten.” When a Maryville congregation gathered in the Church parking lot to celebrate Easter, remaining in their cars and listening to music and a sermon on their radios, police showed up to place “quarantine” notices on their cars, and write down license plate numbers. The notion that such atrocities could take place in America would have been unthinkable for most Americans. Only months ago, police were lauded by Americans as the heroic men in blue, with that praise coming from people that these police now harass. Law enforcement officers need to recognize how they’ve been repurposed by would-be tinhorns to fulfill the official role of Brown Shirts.

This truly dangerous alteration of the Land of the Free has actually been going on for quite some time. But most Americans chose to remain indifferent to it, as long as it didn’t directly affect them. Amidst a burgeoning economy and the incredible proliferation of choices in the grocery and department store aisles, it may have seemed “safe” to ignore the sinister undercurrents of those who would fundamentally transform America for their own ends. When news of the pandemic hit, all of that changed. The looming threat suddenly became an ugly reality.

Worst of all, the moral bankruptcy of the leftist counterculture destroyed the societal immunity to such dangerous precedents that America had previously enjoyed, but unfortunately took for granted. In any tyrannical cultural overthrow, it is the presumption of “virtue” among compliant masses that proves to be the tyrant’s greatest asset. Even before police arrived at the Kentucky Church, nails and carpenter tacks were found on the Church parking lot, reflecting a willingness of vandals, supportive of the Governor’s iron fisted tactics, to attack Christians.

It is important to note that none of the prohibition on Church gatherings have been codified into law. None bear scientifically established proof of containing the virus. Nor could they withstand even the most cursory constitutional challenge. Yet they are deemed appropriate and acceptable by the public, merely because those in power dictate that it is so. It is also noteworthy that nowhere in America has there been any mention of a single Mosque being similarly harassed by the state. Only two conclusions can be drawn from this. Either Muslims are 100% compliant, or they are being given a “pass,” while Christian congregations are singled out and selectively targeted.

In a time of crisis, the ultimate power is determined both by the fear mongers and by the fearful. Those who deem the threat of the virus sufficient to turn on their fellow citizens, in total indifference to the abuses which have historically followed in such cases, are allowing their fear to be played against not only themselves, but very possibly their children and every future generation of Americans.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.


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