The public keeps pushing back against the perverse “drag queen story hours” that blend innocent children with sick-minded men and their sexual fetishes, and now a Montana congressman is calling out the so-called “groomers” who are defending the practice.

The public keeps pushing back against the perverse “drag queen story hours” that merge innocent children with sick-minded men and their sexual fetishes, and now a Montana congressman is calling out the so-called “groomers” who keep allowing it to happen.

Zoo Montana, a 70-acre wildlife park in Billings, is planning a drag queen event next week, June 22, despite an uproar from the public to cancel it.

According to the Billings Gazette newspaper, the zoo is hosting the event for “Pride Month” and is inviting a local homosexual-rights group, “406 Pride,” to host it. The “story hour” is scheduled to last four hours and the zoo is charging $4 admission for guests who attend, according to the newspaper story.

In a radio interview on the Todd Starnes Show, U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-Montana) said he has heard from many Montanans, including from Billings, and they are “deeply disturbed” their community is welcoming a “story hour” event.

“That they have to expose children to such a perverted sexual act,” the congressman said, “is just very bothersome and disappointing quite frankly.”

Billings, a city of 110,000 residents, is located in Yellowstone County where Montanans chose Donald Trump over Joe Biden 60%-36% in the 2020 election.

Not just ‘somebody reading a book’ 

The zoo’s director, Jeff Ewelt, stated in a Facebook post that Zoo Montana “prides itself in being inclusive of all living things,” apparently including homosexual men dressed in drag reading to children.

In an interview with KTVQ, a local TV news station, Ewelt dismissed the controversy by suggesting drag queen story hours happens “all across the country” and get “rave reviews” from the public.

“It is not a burlesque show,” the zoo director insisted. “It is literally somebody sitting in a chair reading a book.”

The public knows by now, however, that is not true. Across the country, the controversial “story hour” has proven to be much worse than that. The homosexual men who read often use their sexually suggestive stage names in front of children. Some of the men, dressed in their outlandish stage clothes, have danced provocatively in a bawdy performance that would normally get them arrested.

Another issue is the reading event itself. The books that are normally read by the drag queens are not a beloved Dr. Seuss book but a homosexual-themed children’s book that is absorbed by listening children.

Then there is the issue of pedophiles. In a 2021 story, AFN reported a Houston, Texas public library’s “story hour” welcomed not one but two homosexual men convicted of sexual crimes against children. The liberal library staff failed to perform a background check and their oversight was only discovered after the event when grassroots group MassResistance investigated. One of the men had been convicted of sexually assaulting four children ages 4 to 8.

More recently, video leaked from a Dallas-area gay bar that showed children watching half-nude drag queens dance in front of them, The Hill reported.

The event, called “Drag Your Kids to Pride,” has been compared to Sodom and Gomorrah for allowing children to stuff dollar bills into the men’s clothing like it was a strip club. Yet the event was even promoted as “family friendly” despite the depravity captured on video.

Against that sickening backdrop, Rep. Rosendale called exposing children to drag queens a “classic of example of grooming children” by exposing them to sexually explicit themes that should be restricted to adults.

It’s a form of “child abuse” to expose children to that and it borders on pedophilia, he added.

Story hour, pajama party, and kink

Back in Billings, according to the “406 Pride” website, the schedule for June 22 includes the zoo’s “story hour” followed by a “queer young adult” meet-and-greet later that evening. A family-friendly “pajama party” is planned for later that night at First Congregational Church, where 406 Pride rents space for its group.

Later in the month, in celebration of “Pride Month,” 406 Pride is hosting an 18-and-up drag show June 24.

After the Pride Parade down 2nd Avenue, on June 25, the group is inviting “Bears, Leathermen, Gear, and Kink” to gather in an apartment for a “Gay Men’s Social.”




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