A TSA agent, you know… those folks who pat you down at the airport… was arrested for distributing explicit pictures off children on his Facebook account. This follows on the heels of another airport screener who felt it necessary to pat-down a six-year-old girl. What’s happening here??

Here’s what is being reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

A passenger screener at Philadelphia International Airport is facing charges that he distributed more than 100 images of child pornography via Facebook, records show.

Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.

The story also reminds us of the backlash the TSA is taking from parents who say their six-year-old daughter was “groped” by the airport screener. According to the news report, the TSA says the pat-down was “proper.”


Things are getting more than creepy at the TSA. Shouldn’t they be screening the screeners?

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