In the wake of the Pittsburgh massacre in which a deranged white supremacist decided to murder innocents members of the Jewish community, it was expected that the left would try to make this a gun control measure. We get it. We knew that was coming. But are people like poster boy David Hogg really serious when saying that evil people should not be blamed?

This was just a gem of an interview. Hogg recently appeared as a guest on MSNBC where he was asked about his thoughts on the massacre, politics, gun control, and the youth movement. In his wise and scholarly fashion (after all, he’s a recent high school graduate), Hogg said that we should “blame the sources of evil” and not the actual people doing evil things. Just listen…

I don’t know if I’ve heard a more ridiculous statement coming from the left. Evil exists. People do evil things. And they do them with so much more than just guns. Innocent people have been bombed. They’ve been run over by cars. They’ve been stabbed. They’ve been hit with bricks. They’ve been set on fire.

And yet, Hogg wants us to ignore these people? What does he recommend we do with the Pittsburgh shooter? Say, “It’s ok, we are only going after the ‘sources of evil.'” What does that even mean. Is fire — you know… the source that warms your house or lights a lantern or cooks your food… is fire “evil?” Hogg is saying that the gun is actually evil, so is fire or a brick or a car evil too?

This is just nonsense. The left will excuse evil actions of a shooter or a radical group such as Antifa in order to advance their own agenda of control. If guns are taken away from the citizens, then government has that much more control, and that is exactly what the left wants.

A shooter is evil. His gun isn’t. The fact that such elementary statements need to be made just shows how far the debate has sunk with the left. Facts don’t seem to matter, and now common sense doesn’t either.

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