The comments made by some Democrats in Colorado have drawn national attention and created an uproar. Apparently, some legislators believe that when faced with an attacker who’s hellbent on raping a woman, the woman should NOT be allowed to have a gun. Instead, these Democrats said if armed, the woman might actually shoot someone. Isn’t that the idea?

Although this issue should be addressed head-on and these legislators taken to task, the incident is actually part of a much larger problem: a generational problem organized and implemented by those on the left. More on that in a few minutes, but first here’s the Colorado controversy.

As reported at, the Colorado State House recently passed a series of new gun laws. Part of the debate dealt was on legislation which would eliminate concealed carry rights on college campuses. Here’s what Democrat Joe Salazar had to say:

If a man is coming at you and trying to tackle you to the ground, I think that pretty much eliminates any guesswork on his intent, don’t you think? The comments by Salazar go beyond offensive, and they show that protection of innocent people is NOT the aim of liberal policies. It never has been.

Meanwhile on the Colorado State Senate side, Democrat Jesse Ulibarri said this:

Can you believe this stuff?! According to him, it’s better to just let the guy do his shooting and killing, and then when he’s out of bullets, attack him with ball point pens. This is insane. How many of these shootings would have taken place if the shooter had thought for one minute that someone standing near him might also have a gun? How many shootings would have taken place if the shooter had actually seen a person or two with a gun and holster?

This lead to the testimony of Amanda Collins, as reported by While in college at the University of Nevada-Reno in 2007, she was brutally attacked and raped. Collins had a concealed weapons permit but was NOT carrying her gun, because it was against university policy. She became a tragic victim, and as she points out, NOTHING that Rep. Salazar said would have helped her.

I can tell you that a call box above my head while I was straddled on the parking garage floor being brutally raped wouldn’t have helped me one bit. The safe zone? I was in a safe zone and my attacker didn’t care.

A whistle wouldn’t have gotten anybody’s attention. It was isolated, it was late at night. It’s really frustrating that I’m supposed to hand over my own protection to a man but they’re not able to guarantee our protection and the comments that this representative made about women not knowing if they’re going to be raped or accidentally shooting the wrong person was extremely offensive because he specifically targeted female students. So, is he saying that all women are unable to make sound decisions in the midst of that, that we should go against our God given gut instinct that something was wrong? I knew something was wrong the moment I was grabbed from behind.”

Here’s the full interview:

Collins, in one sentence, cuts to the heart of the matter when she said, “I was legislated into being a victim.”

This is the plan of the left, and it is tragic what is happening. The Democrats win and hold power by appealing to interest groups (not the nation as a whole) and promise to give them something. Women are simply an interest group to Democrats and thus there has been a concerted effort over decades to play off the inherent need for security by replacing the husband with government.

Why have a man or a gun? You don’t need either. That’s the message. Government will protect you. Of course, along the way, we are all subjected to thoughtless comments like those of Salazar. He basically is saying that women are too stupid to think for themselves in times of crisis. It’s insulting and pathetic.

Gun free zones are only safe for the criminal. The rest of the people in these zones are simply sitting ducks, and that’s exactly how the Democrats want it.

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