Democrats think they can win over voters and pick up needed seats in the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections by attacking President Trump’s every move and tweet, versus working with the administration to solve our nation’s problems, from health care and tax reform to immigration.

Not to mention keeping us safe from the radical Islamist terror now rampaging throughout Europe and beyond.

Today’s special election in Georgia’s 6th District will be an early indicator of whether the Democrats’ one-trick pony political tactic of obstructing everything in Trump’s path is how it will regain control of Congress. So all eyes will be on Georgia’s highly competitive congressional race tonight as two candidates will face off in a battle royale many are calling the most expensive in history.

Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff are estimated to have spent a combined $100 million in their quests to fill the seat Tom Price vacated to become Trump’s heath and human services secretary.

Republicans shouldn’t sweat this.

If Ossoff skates by, it won’t move the needle on the GOP’s solid 24-seat lead in the House, its majority in the Senate, nor the fact that Republicans hold 33 governorships nationwide — the most in nearly a century. That trifecta, in addition to control of the White House and a growing conservative bench in the Supreme Court, can’t be erased by losing one House seat anywhere in the nation.

However, should the Democrats lose yet again on the heels of the recent Kansas and Montana election losses, they’re in serious trouble heading into the mid-terms and 2020.

Ossoff’s campaign is reported to have made contact with one million voters in his district. If that kind of massive get-out-the-vote effort coupled with a huge money haul still falls short, then Democrats should take a hint — their extreme partisanship and toxic disinformation campaigns against our duly elected president are a huge turn-off to voters.

After all, Americans of all backgrounds want their representatives to work together to solve our nation’s problems, grow the economy, create jobs and keep us safe in an age of terror.

The constant in-fighting, obstruction and smear campaign against the current administration is highly divisive and unproductive to say the least.

All the more reason Georgia voters should help our president disrupt the status quo and drain the swamp.

Electing Ossoff — a rubber stamp for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — isn’t the way forward.

Adriana Cohen is host of the Adriana Cohen Show, Wednesdays at noon on Boston Herald Radio. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16


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