As the Michigan and Missouri presidential primary polls closed, the “mainstream news” headlines were predictably of “Big Wins for Biden.” The goal, at this point, is for the Democrat political establishment and its media minions to make the presidential campaign season look as “normal” as possible. It is anything but that.

It is beyond ludicrous to think that the Democrats will simply coalesce around a candidate and remain on course with him for better or for worse, even if that means an inevitable defeat in November. And while that is the impression they desperately hope to create, it is guaranteed that they are working feverishly behind the scenes on a back-up plan that holds greater prospects of an upset victory in the 2020 race. They simply do not play politics with benign intentions. If it takes the most vile chicanery to triumph, so be it.

For starters, the chances are slim to nil that Joe Biden will actually be the candidate going into Election Day, even if he manages to hold it together long enough to garner the nomination. It hasn’t escaped the notice of anyone on either side of the aisle that Biden’s mental faculties are literally failing. Most people attribute this to some sort of age related malady, including dementia. And that is a likely prospect. But the unbelievably intense rigors of a Twenty-First Century campaign are inarguably taking their toll, and this is just the early phase of it all. It is worthwhile to recall how Hillary Clinton, who was a decade younger than Biden when she ran, completely failed in the last days of her 2016 campaign, exhibiting signs of mental dysfunction, and collapsing on several occasions during which she required physical help for such basic tasks as entering vehicles and climbing stairs.

Many candidates exhibit signs of fatigue as the intensity of campaigns reach a peak. But Biden’s condition has clearly deteriorated far beyond that, and much sooner than others. On a daily basis, he is exhibiting signs of mental confusion, and an inability to relate to people around him in any coherent manner. Some recent instances verged on the comical, such as when he seemed to actually endorse the re-election of President Trump. And in normal times, he might deserve to receive a bit of the nastiness he is so famous for dishing out. But he is clearly someone who is failing physically and mentally, so such responses are starting to feel inappropriate, when the emotion he generates instead is most often pity.

So, where will the Democrats go from here? For starters, they will continue to prop up Biden, as long as they are at all able to create the impression of any consciousness on his part. The most pressing goal at the moment is to prevent Bernie Sanders from taking the nomination. Sanders, as an open avowed socialist, presents an enormous threat to the leftist Democrat agenda. Not that Democrats have any misgivings regarding socialism. They just know that the only way to implement it in a prosperous and healthy society is by stealth. And Sanders is too consumed by his belief in the inherent “virtue” of socialism to be quiet about it. Thus he threatens to blow their cover before the proper time.

Currently, as the Michigan and Missouri Democrat Primary results indicate, the nearly catatonic Biden can still provide a firewall against Sanders. And if Biden doesn’t appear to be deteriorating too rapidly, that is good enough for the moment. Of course everything will change, once Sanders ceases to be a threat. At that point, a major “bait and switch” is all but guaranteed.

It could take on several forms. Biden may “nominate” (assuming it is even his own choice) a vice-presidential candidate, who is then moved to the front when Biden is forced to step aside. Or, if the delegate setup going into the convention is deemed to be sufficiently “safe” from the perspective of the party insiders, a brokered convention may suddenly be demanded. At that point, a new candidate can be substituted, with all due deference given to the “heroic” Joe Biden, who’s “lifetime of service and sacrifice to the nation” will be extolled unceasingly, as he is gently guided to his seat and sequestered from the vicinity of any microphone or camera where he might do further damage.

From the moment Donald Trump shook the very foundation of Washington politics by winning the White House in 2016, swamp creatures from both parties have been incessant in their efforts to undermine and destroy him. The threats posed by him, to both their agenda and their culture of corruption, spawned a venomous backlash that has on multiple occasions exceeded any standard of treachery and sedition. This vile behavior is manifested among those who believe themselves to be the “ruling class,” which encompasses both parties.

Democrat efforts to fan the fears of the gullible, with threats of a coronavirus pandemic, an economic collapse, or both, are clearly agenda driven, with a goal of fatally injuring President Trump’s credibility with the American people. No doubt such manipulations will continue and intensify, though at some point, they will undoubtedly lose any connection with reality and fizzle entirely. Had Democrats the desire to truly move the nation forward, they, would not operate in this manner. But that is not who the Democrats have ever been. They are certainly not about to start doing the right thing now.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” subtitled “Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture,” is the “Go To” guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon. Rules for Defeating Radicals: Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture

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