Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) did not hold back his repugnance of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent report claiming that COVID-19 did not originate in a laboratory subsidized by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP).

Despite all legitimate information and accounts leading to the conclusion that the Wuhan coronavirus derived in the Chinese testing facility, the WHO is reportedly repeating the talking points touted by the CCP insisting that the virus started in a wet market in Wuhan – and Cruz is tired of WHO being the communist regime’s “mouthpiece.“

“I think the report is shameful,” Cruz expressed while noting the WHO report confirms its alliance with China, according to Townhall. “During the past year, the WHO has come up under understandable and universal criticism because, as the coronavirus pandemic began in Wuhan, China, the WHO – instead of stepping in as medical professionals – instead of acting quickly to stop this pandemic, instead echoed the lies from the Chinese Communist government.”

Who’s WHO is now clear to all

The Texas senator was repulsed by the CCP covering up accounts of the pandemic’s origins, which it did by tracking down and arresting whistleblowers who revealed the truth.

“They did everything they could to hide the outbreak —  nd the WHO helped them,” Cruz argued. “It echoed their own lies.”

Even though the WHO promoted a long list of the CCP’s talking points – including that the coronavirus is not transmitted from human-to-human – people around the globe quickly realized the fallacy of this claim.

“The very first thing the WHO does is come out and say China is right – in particular, they say there is no chance the virus escaped from a lab,” Cruz continued. “We need to understand: this outbreak began in Wuhan, China. There are two labs, one within literally 400 yards of where the outbreak occurred – both of those labs were not only studying viruses … they were studying coronaviruses from bats.”

The pandemic spread from the Chinese lab despite a previous warning from the U.S. State Department about its grossly inadequate security protocols.

“There’s never been a thorough, credible, impartial, third-party investigation into it,” Cruz maintained. “The Chinese government immediately went into panic mode to hide this, and the WHO said, ‘Well, we know it didn’t escape from the government labs. Why? Because the Chinese Communist government told us [that].’”

Biden putting China first … America second?

He also took to Twitter to remind the world something that the pro-China Biden administration is reportedly negligent to announce – that the WHO works toward China’s interest – not the world’s.

“The World Health Organization is simply a mouthpiece for the CCP,” Cruz tweeted Wednesday. “Instead of stepping in as medical professionals and acting quickly to stop the pandemic, the WHO echoed the lies from the Chinese Communist Government.”

President Joe Biden’s allegiance to WHO – and his refusal to get behind former President Donald Trump’s call for the U.S. to look into and eradicate the communist Chinese government’s infiltration and influence of America’s education system or Trump’s condemnation of China for its persecution of Christians and Muslims – has been pointed out by the conservative media.

“One of the first actions the Biden administration took was rejoining the World Health Organization – despite the WHO being single-handedly responsible for covering up the pandemic,” Townhall reported. “The international organization ignored Taiwan’s concerns that the virus was transmitted from human-to-human. Instead, the WHO went to bat for the CCP – repeatedly saying that the virus was not spread through human-to-human transmission.”

And as WHO continues to back China, Biden – who’s son, Hunter Biden, reportedly made lucrative business dealings with China using the sway of his father’s name – made it a priority to reinstate America’s allegiance with WHO.

“But then again, Biden’s cabinet picks all have on thing in common: they put China’s interests above the best interest of Americans,” Townhall’s Beth Baumann stressed.

It was also pointed out that the intelligence alliance, Five Eyes – which includes the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand – has evidence showing China’s massive coverup.

“[The leaked Five Eyes document] shows China purposefully hid and/or destroyed evidence about the Wuhan coronavirus,” a separate Townhall report recounts. “Specifically, the alliance said the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup can be described as an ‘assault on international transparency.’”

After obtaining the Five Eyes’ 15-page report, Australia’s The Saturday Telegraph published the following timeline highlighting China’s flagrant coverup of the Wuhan coronavirus.

  • November 9, 2015 – Wuhan Institute of Virology publish a study revealing they created a new virus in the lab from SARS-CoV. coverup
  • December 6, 2019 – Five days after a man linked to Wuhan’s seafood market presented pneumonia-like symptoms, his wife contracts it, suggesting human to human transmission.
  • December 27 – China’s health authorities told a novel disease, then affecting some 180 patients, was caused by a new coronavirus.
  • December 26-30 – Evidence of new virus emerges from Wuhan patient data.
  • December 31 – Chinese internet authorities begin censoring terms from social media such as Wuhan Unknown Pneumonia.
  • January 1, 2020 – Eight Wuhan doctors who warned about new virus are detained and condemned.
  • January 3 – China’s top health authority issues a gag order.
  • January 5 – Wuhan Municipal Health Commission stops releasing daily updates on new cases. Continues until January 18.
  • January 10 – PRC official Wang Guangfa says outbreak “under control” and mostly a “mild condition”.
  • January 12 – Professor Zhang Yongzhen’s lab in Shanghai is closed by authorities for “rectification”, one day after it shares genomic sequence data with the world for the first time.
  • January 14 – PRC National Health Commission chief Ma Xiaowei privately warns colleagues the virus is likely to develop into a major public health event.
  • January 24 – Officials in Beijing prevent the Wuhan Institute of Virology from sharing sample isolates with the University of Texas.
  • February 6 – China’s internet watchdog tightens controls on social media platforms.
  • February 9 – Citizen-journalist and local businessman Fang Bin disappears.
  • April 17 – Wuhan belatedly raises its official fatalities by 1290.


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