Dismantling the fearmongering COVID-19 narrative pushed by the left to keep kids out of school – and promote an extended nationwide lockdown – a new study comparing the coronavirus to the common flu reveals that “there were no statistically significant differences” between the two when it comes to children.

Research conducted by the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., detracts from the Democratic Party’s push to shut down much the nation … and continue to tank the economy until the November election to reflect poorly on President Donald Trump.

[There is virtually no disparity between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu in the] rates of hospitalization, admission to the intensive care unit and mechanical ventilator use,” the hospital’s research divulged, according to a Western Journal report.

Why the scare?

Flying in the face of apocalyptic warnings, quarantine protocols and stringent communist-style social distancing mandates promoted by the left across the United States, statistics unleashed from the D.C.-based study – comprised of 315 COVID-19 patients with a median age of 8.4 years) and 1,402 patients with a median age of 3.9 years who were diagnosed with seasonal influenza – show that one is no more severe than the other when it comes to children.

Below is the D.C. hospital’s comparison of the rates of medical care received by young patients diagnosed with COVID-19 between March 25 and May 15 and youth who had the common flu between Oct. 1, 2019, and June 6, 2020:

  • 17% of young patients were hospitalized for COVID vs. 21% for the flu
  • 6% of young patients admitted to the intensive care unit for COVID vs. 7% for the flu
  • 3% of young patients were put on mechanical ventilators for COVID vs. 2% for the flu

The above numbers indicate that the flu requires relatively the same amount of medical treatment as does the coronavirus, while one distinction was made:

“[M]ore patients hospitalized with COVID-19 than with seasonal influenza reported clinical symptoms at the time of diagnosis,” JAMA Network Open announced in the study it published Sept. 8.

Additionally, adverse physical conditions caused by the two were nominal, according to the hospital.

{[S]ymptoms included fever, diarrhea or vomiting, headache, body ache or myalgia, and chest pain,” the Western Journal reported from the study. “Differences among ‘the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19’ who reported symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath were ‘not statistically significant.’”

Back to school and normalcy

According to medical research such as the study conducted by the Children’s National Hospital, parents’ fears of sending their children back to school – based on the Democrats’ narrative of the pandemic –should be at least somewhat alleviated.

“If Democratic politicians and other public officials ignore the data and continue to treat COVID-19 with the same degree of caution now as they did in March, then the cure has indeed become worse than the problem,” the Journal added. “Democrats – who have largely led the way on lockdown across the country and have tended to be overly cautious when it comes to reopening schools for in-person learning – claim to be the ‘party of science,’ so will they listen to what the science says – that COVID-19 appears to generally affect children in much the same way as the flu?”

Yet many Democratic leaders who continue to want much of the country to remain in self-quarantine – regardless of the economic and emotional toll it has already taken on many Americans – are still recommending that school campuses remain closed for weeks or months ahead, according to The Hill.

This prolonged alarmism comes despite the fact that many parents are finding it difficult to return to their work schedule with their children still at home. Also, there is the contention that students are not learning via online education like they do in-person – causing many parents to enroll their formerly publicly schooled children in private schools that opened their campuses for the fall semester.

However, the Biden 2020 campaign continues to propagandize the pandemic, with the former VP claiming last week that there would have been zero casualties from the coronavirus if Trump were not president – without giving any numbers to back his contention. Even the left-leaning Washington Post reported that Biden’s assertion was both inaccurate and unprovable – and supported by no statistics.

This argument that Trump mismanaged the pandemic comes in spite the fact the president received backlash from Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif), who accused him of being racist in January because he called for a China travel ban, even though Biden continued holding unmasked events through March and while the Democratic congressional leader was inviting people to join her in Chinatown early in the year.

In contrast to Democrats condemning the president’s handling of the coronavirus, others not bent on using the pandemic to oppose his reelection bid have actually commended him for not conceding to the left’s scare tactics. He has done this while working to rebound the economy and recommending preventative measures that are not extreme – but reasonable – and do not infringe upon citizens’ constitutional rights – especially as most Americans do not fall in the high-risk groups of being elderly or having preexisting medical conditions.

“President Donald Trump – for his part – has been adamant since March about making informed decisions in response to the virus – rather than reacting out of fear,” the Journal asserted. “We need leaders like Trump who will govern by fact – rather than fear – and who truly work to protect the welfare of Americans.”


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