Look around you America! Get a thorough “taste” of what has been happening to your country for the past month and a half. You need to grasp the ugly reality of all the suffering and hardship Americans have had to endure, from shortages in basic commodities to the loss of freedom, to economic disaster, to the rise of tinhorn despot wannabes at every level of government, issuing edicts encroaching on every facet of life, and instantly unleashing law enforcement on any individual who doesn’t sufficiently comply. This is but a glimpse of what radical, leftist socialists have desired for our country, going back to their rise to prominence in the 1960s. Yet it reflects only the initial phase of their nightmarish transformation of America. Their long term goal would be much worse.

America’s unparalleled economic engine of only a few months ago is in tatters. And a battle rages between the citizenry and those who wield power over them. The issue in question is when, if ever, governing officials will begin to respect individual liberties once again.

From the moment that news of the “pandemic” began to get the attention of Americans, the pattern of unwarranted alarmism, overwhelmingly coming from the usual suspects on the left, revealed their agenda-driven efforts to make the situation into as big of a “crisis” as they possibly could. Then, once the nation had been successfully driven to the point of panic and hysteria, those same leftist forces endeavored to exert their power in hopes of cowing Americans into forsaking their Constitutional rights and ceding control of their lives to the leftist power structure.

The surreal events of the past few weeks have inflicted enormous damage on America. But very little of this damage is the direct or even indirect result of Covid-19. With each passing day, it becomes ever more clear that the ideological malignancy of the leftist counterculture, which has railed against the fabric of America in recent decades, now plays the biggest role in determining how individuals respond to the effects of the virus. The contrast between right and left, in every facet of America’s reaction to the disease is too stark and too predictable for it to be anything but political.

Early predictions of a ten percent death rate, with up to twenty million Americans dying from the virus, were irresponsibly proclaimed with an air of grim certitude by supposed “experts,” and eagerly parroted by leftist politicians and their media minions. Rash, overreaching decisions to shackle the American people, shutter their businesses, and destroy their livelihoods were ostensibly justified on the grounds that doing so would save lives.

In an effort to create a mantle of “legitimacy” for those decisions, “news” reports depicting shortages in basic commodities were relentlessly aired, eventually making those shortages a widespread reality. And of course the prevalence of masked citizens, with no genuine biological benefit resulting from the masks, served its real purpose of continually reminding everyone that something dangerous and unusual has been going on in their midst.

Yet to date, none of the dire forecasts have transpired. Even the subsequent hasty attempts by those “experts” to backtrack and continually shrink their hysterical early predictions have failed. The number of projected fatalities remains excessive. Currently, the tally of deaths is in keeping with a typical flu season, except that deaths attributed to seasonal influenza and other normal maladies are way down. This clearly indicates that the Coronavirus numbers are being inflated, in order to reinforce the facade of America being in the grips of a “pandemic.”

So, as with every issue, two starkly contrasted camps regarding the virus have now emerged. Not surprisingly, they are thoroughly aligned with the two camps on the global warming issue, abortion, traditional values, and capitalism, just to name a few. In short, this is just another matter of left versus right.

The crowd that wants the country to remain in an unconstitutional “lockdown” not-coincidentally wants to end capitalism, eradicate the Second Amendment, eliminate any reference to the nation’s Judeo-Christian founding, and let psychotic men into public restrooms with little girls. This group is also venomously opposed to the drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), to the point that Democrat governors have engaged in the iron-fisted suppression of its use. They have, on their hands, the blood of those who could have been saved, but were prevented from receiving the life-saving medication.

Despite ongoing efforts of agenda-driven leftists to keep America in a state of fear and confusion, the fog is quickly lifting. And as it does, leftists are redoubling their efforts to restoke fears and convince as many people as possible that the Wuhan specter still awaits them, the moment they violate any government lockdown edict. Yet none of the earlier apocalyptic proclamations came true, and leftist credibility is fading fast.

When this debacle finally recedes into to the fringes, Americans will have a huge task facing them, which is even bigger than the actual rebuilding of the nation’s shattered economy. Some serious introspection needs to take place, assessing which individuals in high office responded to the onslaught of the virus with an eye towards saving lives and livelihoods, and which ones sought to exploit the crisis for personal political gain, by exaggerating it to its present, outlandish terms.

Unless these difficult questions are asked, and the guilty are held fully accountable for their willful contributions to the needless chaos and suffering, America can only expect more of the same going forward. The pattern will be repeated every time the left needs to establish some new, atrocious precept of its agenda against the will of the people. If the fear-mongers escape reckoning, they will be the overlords of America’s future.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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