Looking forward to starting her new role as counselor to Donald Trump once he assumes office later this month, Kellyanne Conway promised America that it can count on the incoming president establishing a “much stronger relationship with Israel” than what Americans have seen over the past eight years under the Obama administration.

Before concentrating on the currently strained relationship between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Conway touched on the president’s controversial move to impose United States sanctions on Russia – a punishment that the former Soviet Union said could trigger its retaliation, insisting that it was done in an effort to hurt Trump’s incoming administration.

“We have complicated relations with Russia – we have for decades as the United States,” Conway expressed during an interview on Fox News’ Hannity.

The Republican adviser to the incoming president emphasized that the new administration will focus on improving relations with cooperative nations – as opposed to exacerbating them to forward party politics and other political agendas, as Obama has reportedly done through the years.

“President-elect has made it clear that he is willing to work with countries who want to work on big solutions together,” she added.

Embracing allies … not betraying them

Conway appeared to bring up “big solutions,” as a segue into her discussion on Israel – which has faithfully been the only party in its longstanding conflict with the occupying Palestinians willing to reach a compromise through the ongoing peace talks.

When examining the current strained ties between Israel and the U.S., Trump’s former campaign manager indicated that Obama’s anti-Israel foreign policy – as seen through his latest refusal to veto the United Nations Security Council’s pro-Palestinian resolution that forbids Jewish people from building housing in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – will be a thing of the past.

“You will see President Trump having much stronger relationship with Israel,” Conway assured.

Alluding to the cherished alliance past administrations have nurtured with the only democracy in the Middle East for decades, the pro-Israel Republican stressed that over the next four years, the Trump administration will do all it can to embrace Israel as its number one ally abroad.

“[Israel is America’s greatest friend and] we want our friends in Israel to know that help is on the way,” she impressed.

Conway went on to mention Obama’s failed Middle East policy that runs against Israel’s interests – such as the Iran deal and signing off on Boeing selling billions of dollars worth of aircrafts to the anti-Semitic Iranian government – has worked to detrimentally distance the U.S. from Israel.

“You see this flurry of activity by a tough President Obama as he exits the office,” Conway pointed out. “You can’t put daylight between the U.S. and Israel.”

Not getting into the Obama administration’s alleged payment to the Islamic Republic of Iran hundreds of billions of dollars to compensate for past sanctions, she questioned the intentions of Obama’s latest maneuverings that worked against the Jewish State.

“We do wonder about the rush to do all these things the next couple of weeks by the Obama administration,” Conway continued.

She then looked forward to Trump improving American-Israeli relations after his inauguration.

“January 20th will be here quickly, and it’s very important to all of us,” Conway stressed. “I think it’s important to America that you see that peaceful transition of power from administration to administration.“


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