The NAACP is suing President Trump and his campaign over claims of voter suppression, and the federal judge overseeing the case is a familiar name to many.

The NAACP is claiming President Trump’s efforts to halt vote certifications and change the election results amount to voter suppression, and the organization filed the lawsuit in the District of Columbia.

Of all the judges in the circuit, Emmet G. Sullivan drew the case. He is the judge who was in charge of the Michael Flynn case and went to unprecedented ends to keep the defendant tied up in court.

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel predicts Sullivan will probably do the same or worse to President Trump.

“This is not good for this particular lawsuit as it relates to President Trump,” Staver observes. “However, there’s always a court of appeals and beyond that there’s the U.S. Supreme Court.”

That means Sullivan is not the final word in the case.

Richard Land of Southern Evangelical Seminary says the NAACP case itself is racist on its face.

“The idea that asking for voter ID, and asking for authentification of votes is racist, is appallingly wrong and either dishonest or stupid,” he comments.

Land fears that case may be the beginning of the persecution of Trump and his team.

“I think the Biden administration Justice Department,” he warns, “may go after Trump on all kinds of trumped-up charges, if you’ll forgive the pun.”


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