Lawmakers in Arkansas are considering a bill to classify drag queen events as adult businesses from which children are prohibited.

The measure, SB 43, is sponsored by state Senator Gary Stubblefield (R-District 26) state Representative Mary Bentley (R-District 54). Talking recently about the bill on the “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” Rep. Bentley said she is a concerned legislator, mother, and grandmother.

“The bill is a very simple bill just to list [the drag queen events] as sexually oriented businesses and keep the transgender drag queen shows away from our kids,” she said.

In these divided times, some advocate for drag queen events, saying they are constitutionally-protected freedoms of expression and speech. But Bentley told the radio program she has heard mostly praise from her constituents for this measure. They are thanking legislators for saying enough is enough.

“I think we have great chances of passing this bill,” the state representative said. “We’re going to start in the Senate, and we have a bunch of new members in the House, strong conservative members. So now is the time for the grassroots to rise up and let their legislators know that they support the bill.”

Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, calls this “a big deal” and says it is about the children and about people trying to normalize abnormal behavior.


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