The prisons have always been full of innocent men — just ask them during visiting hours.

But from now on the lockups will teem with a new class of jailbird — those who didn’t know they were committing crimes.

In case you missed it, FBI Director James “J. Edgar” Comey, in his latest attempt to broom the high crimes and misdemeanors of Crooked Hillary Clinton, told a Senate committee this week that even though Hillary, her top aide Huma Abedin et al. had undoubtedly committed all sorts of felonies, it was impossible to prosecute them.

“With respect to Ms. Abedin in particular,” J. Edgar Comey said, “we didn’t have any indication that she had a sense that what she was doing was in violation of the law.”


We always understood that the Clintons were trafficking in huge numbers of classified government emails that were illegally sent or deleted — for example, she destroyed at least 33,000 under federal subpoena, that we know of.

But Comey upped the ante more than somewhat this week, saying that Huma had sent “hundreds of thousands of emails, some of which contained classified information” — to her blackmailable husband, the pervert ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner, who once allegedly sexted with an underage teenage girl using the alias “Carlos Danger.”

What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

Hundreds of thousands of illegal emails! And these are just the ones that J. Edgar admitted knowing about. If they were all just about yoga schedules and Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, as Hillary claimed, then why did she feel the need to destroy them with Bleach Bit?

Last July, at his first public whitewashing of the massive scandal, J. Edgar Comey copped to the fact that it’s a felony to handle classified information with “gross negligence.” But there was no “gross negligence” on Hillary’s part, he claimed.

She was just “extremely careless,” he stammered on, which is very different from “gross negligence.”

Think of the possibilities that are now open to the defense bar. This could be a bigger boon to the element than Miranda warnings, or Annie Dookhan. How can any perp now be charged with, say, robbing a bank? The guy in the mask can just explain that he thought he was making an “unauthorized withdrawal” from the FDIC-insured institution.

In July, when he first broached his novel new laws-for-thee-but-not-for-me theory, Comey issued a slight caveat: “To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary … ”

To the contrary, if you’re a deplorable, or a bitter clinger, or a Republican, the laws still apply to you. But if you’re Hillary, or Huma, or any of the beautiful people … Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

Isn’t that right, J. Edgar?

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