Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov responded to a 14-page list of demands submitted to the president’s office by Oberlin’s Black Student Union (BSU).

Members of the BSU demanded “black student leaders be provided a $8.20/hr stipend for their continuous organizing efforts around the well-being of Black people on Oberlin’s campus” and asked for the creation of “exclusive black safe-spaces on campus,” including segregated spaces in the library and science building.

The BSU also criticized Oberlin’s dining services for not understanding “traditional meals” of Black Americans and a lack of “authentic food ideas” in dining halls. “Black American food doesn’t have much cream in it,” the list of demands stated. The BSU also demanded fried chicken be made a permanent feature on the school’s menu.

Check out the full list of demands by clicking here.

Read the full story at Campus Reform.

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