“I don’t know anybody who wants to do another four years of this news cycle,” a senior CNN producer says.

The first year of the Trump presidency was a year of calibration for the nation’s top journalists, who learned to keep up with a politician who revels in exhausting the press corps, launching news cycles with early-morning, late night and weekend tweets.

The next two years, 2018 and 2019, were even more exhausting, as journalists scrambled to cover government shutdowns, congressional hearings, a Supreme Court nomination, the president’s flirtation with North Korea, the Mueller Report and impeachment.

At this point, journalists — print, online and television — are used to the Trump pace. Weekends are gone. Work-life balance is not a thing. (And that was true even before the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the biggest story of the last 20 years.)

But that doesn’t mean that national journalists want to do it for four more years.

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GOPUSA Editor: It might not be quite so tiring if they simply reported the news instead of rewriting the facts.

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