A Christian radio talk-show host suggests that Joe Biden’s recent “salty language” picked up by a hot mic reveals more about his real character than it does his mental sharpness.

President Joe Biden went to Florida earlier this week to witness firsthand the devastation brought by Hurricane Ian. But while there, he was caught off-mic uttering the “f-bomb” during a telling boast. On Wednesday the president was chatting with Ray Murphy, the mayor of Fort Myers Beach, when mics caught him saying: “No one [expletive] with a Biden.”

The White House has offered no comment on the hot-mic remark. But according to NBC News, Mayor Murphy “laughed off” the profanity when asked afterwards, describing it as “just two guys talking.”

“We’re both Irish Catholics. We’re both devout Catholics,” the mayor stated. “But every once and a while a little salty language comes out …. That’s just the way two guys talk to each other from our respective backgrounds.”

Radio talk-show host Sandy Rios is a longtime political observer who is quite familiar with how things work inside the Capital Beltway. Referring to Biden’s “salty language,” she doesn’t discount suggestions about the president’s mental decline.

“I do think he’s cognitively impaired,” she offers, “but I believe that he’s probably on some medicines that make him sharper at times – and I think when that happens, he reveals who he is.”

At the same time, however, Rios points out Biden is a decades-long Washington, DC, insider who is known for his viciousness and corruption.

“When you have someone who is putting forth an ‘Ah, shucks’ face, you know, and saying this and that, and then in private whispers something with a very different tenor – I think that tells us a great deal about their character,” Rios tells AFN.

For example, she contends the Biden family – with its storied political pedigree – has amassed a fortune though backroom deals and influence peddling. “This [boasting] really does line up with what we know now about Hunter Biden and his father, and their dealings with the Ukrainians, with the Russians, all the money that they have made by their backroom deals,” she states.

And with the midterms just weeks away, the veteran of conservative radio offers a warning to the American people: “If we think they’ve been after [conservatives] now, just wait till they get full power. Just wait till they win another election.”


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