There’s nothing that seems to get a liberal more fired up than acts of racism in America. They will go on television or radio or the Internet and bemoan the state of American society. But as we can clearly see from recent examples, not all racists are created equal, and only certain incidents are worthy of their time. If a white kid is beaten up by a black kid (or kids), you can bet you won’t hear a single word of outrage from the left.

So, what exactly does it take to get the left fired up? When Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman and started beating his head into the ground, that was no big deal. But when Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense, then it suddenly became a hate crime. Zimmerman was branded a racist and put on trial in the media before he ever saw a single day in court.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and just about every single so-called “civil rights” leader were claiming that there needed to be “justice for Trayvon.”

Next, let’s look at the beating that occurred in Florida recently. A 13-year-old white student was on a school bus when three older black students beat him severely. According to reports, the boy was left with two black eyes and a broken arm. And yet, despite this massive violence, there’s not one word out of America’s civil rights “leaders.”

Now, the facts of that incident indicate that one of the black boys tried to sell drugs to the white boy, who then reported the encounter to school officials. The black kids then went on the school bus to get their revenge.

The beating does not appear to be racially motivated at all, but that’s not really the point, is it? If three white kids beat a black boy on a school bus, the entire contingent of left-wing spokespeople would be out in force demanding “justice” for the boy. None of the “facts” would matter at all.

Then, there is the story of Raymond Widstrand, a white man who was simply out for a walk in St. Paul, Minnesota when he was beaten to near death by a group of black men. Again… no outrage at all.

Where are the calls by Obama for a “racial dialogue?” Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Are they actual civil rights leaders or just black rights leaders? We all know the answer to that question: It’s NEITHER. These men don’t care about the rights of the average black man. They simply see incidents like the Trayvon Martin case as opportunities… opportunities for them to get in front of a microphone and remind America that they are famous and they have something to say. It’s pathetic.

Finally, we have the “case of the clown.” I’m talking about the rodeo clown in Missouri who has now been banned for life. What did he do that was so wrong? What did he do to warrant such a harsh punishment? He dressed up with a Barack Obama mask!

Rodeo clowns are all about entertainment. Just like comedians, their job is to make the audience laugh. Comedians all across the country make fun of the president of the United States. It goes with the territory. But, I guess if you put on a Barack Obama mask, you are suddenly a racist… at least according to the left.

It’s time for all this to stop. If Jackson, Obama, Sharpton, and others are truly concerned with racial equality in America, then they need to stop giving black America a pass regarding violence. Basically, what these people are saying is that it’s ok for blacks to commit crimes against whites. According to them, it’s not racially motivated it’s just a byproduct of their history in America. That’s just a bunch of bull!

The longer we give ANY group an excuse for their violence, the more the violence will continue.

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