No matter how ridiculous they sound, Barack Obama and his administration continue with the same talking points. Do they honestly believe that this wide-spread violence across the Middle East and Northern Africa is the result of a YouTube video? That’s exactly what they are saying, and they also claim that the violence is not directed at the United States!

This is a topic that needs to be driven home. ANYONE who believes that the violence that originally erupted in Egypt and Libya was some spontaneous protest over an anti-Muslim YouTube video is absolutely crazy. The attacks happened on 9-11. The murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens is described by State Department officials and others as a planned, coordinated effort. Do people show up to spontaneous protests with RPGs?

The video has been online for months, and it just so happens that two different groups of protesters in two different countries decided to strike on the anniversary of the greatest terrorist attack in American history? Either Barack Obama and his team are stupid or they think the American people are.

Here’s more from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

As noted in the Washington Free Beacon, the State Department describes an attack against a U.S. embassy as “an attack on the country it represents.” So… America is being attacked. Americans are being killed. And Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the entire team are saying that it is due to misplaced anger over a YouTube video and not particularly directed against the United States.

What about all the foreign aid that continues to go out to countries that hate us? Don’t worry. All you terrorists in Egypt and elsewhere can sleep better tonight knowing that foreign aid will continue as always.

As reported by Fox News, the aid to Egypt, a country now run by a Muslim Brotherhood representative, will continue.

A senior State Department official tells Fox News the United States’ $1.6 billion annual aid to Egypt, the large majority of which goes to the Egyptian military, is not in jeopardy of being withdrawn at this time. “We are having some very frank conversations” with the Egyptians, the aide said.

The U.S. military maintains close, strong and direct contact with Egypt’s military, the official said, adding that diplomatic contact between the two nations also continues “at all levels,” up to and including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom the aide said had placed calls to top Egyptian officials in the past 72 hours.

Even PBS… yes, PBS… is wondering why this aid is paid year after year after year.

Given Egyptian antagonism toward America, when we’ve been trying to buy friendship or at the very least understanding, is it time to pull the plug on military aid? What about to other countries that don’t like us? President Obama seems to think not.

“The United States doesn’t have an option of withdrawing from the world,” he told Telemundo. “It’s important for us to stay engaged.”

But how engaged? “Less engaged” was the answer NewsHour readers gave when we posed the question in conjunction with the interactive chart. Eighty-six percent of you who answered said aid should be decreased; barely 4 percent said it should be increased. A bit more than 10 percent said it should be kept more or less the same.

As long as Barack Obama is president, nothing will be done. If we have an administration that won’t even acknowledge that the attack in Libya was a terrorist attack, how can we expect things to change. Oh, but Obama is on the case… he’s having YouTube investigate the video.

Stop worrying about a stupid video and start going after the terrorists! To Barack Obama: The world is burning around you! Can’t you see the smoke?

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