Progressives in the California city of Modesto are shocked and outraged and appalled — that last, a good liberal’s favorite expression, particularly when pronounced Ah-Paaahhhled — because officials are poised to approve a permit to hold a “straight pride parade” in the community.

Well, note to progressives: Too bad.

“People are shocked and blown away that this kind of event could happen in our community,” said Chris Ricci, president of Modesto Progressive Democrats, in the Los Angeles Times.

But why?

Gay pride events have been a fixture in city streets and town squares for years now. The First Amendment flows both ways. And as much as radicals in the gay community would like it believed — “They are dressing up their homophobic agenda as a celebration,” Ricci said — parading under an umbrella of heterosexuality doesn’t mean Gay Hater.

It means the backlash is here.

“We’re promoting many different things, said Don Grundmann, chairman of the Constitution Party of California and an organizer of the event, Los Angeles Times reported.


“Heterosexuality, masculinity, femininity, babies — born and especially unborn — the nuclear family of men, women and children,” he went on. “Everything that made our country great.”

In other words: Traditional family values, Bible-tied beliefs and morals, Judeo-Christian norms. All the stuff the radicals in the LGBTQ community have tried to tear down and toss from culture in recent times.

All the values and virtues the left has been busily booting from the public sector in recent years.

The fact that a parade celebrating these once-widely accepted principles is now causing some to feel “shocked and blown away” only shows the depth of modern society’s decay.

That’s the true shocker. That’s what should blow us all away.

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