A Christian attorney who owns a bed and breakfast and wedding venue in Texas preemptively made his position on facilitating same-sex “weddings” very clear in an ad he ran in a local newspaper — by explaining his religious convictions and unwillingness to compromise them by facilitating such ceremonies.

Texas lawyer Bob Flourney dispelled any questions that might be asked by same-sex partners wishing to get married on his wedding venue called Texas Forest Country Weddings, which accompanies the bed and breakfast business he and his wife operate in the Lone Star State.

“Our Christian faith demands that we not participate in same-sex, transgender or any other perversion of marriage,” Flourney expressed in the advertisement he posted in the daily,according to LifeSiteNews.

In the ad, he also addresses any disputes that aspiring clients opposed to his policy might have — by pointing out that both parties can legally agree to disagree about their conflicting views on the matter of marriage.

“If you disagree with our stance on marriage, please respect our Christian belief and have your wedding elsewhere,” the ad continues, assuring community members that he will not be forced to violate the tenets of his faith.

No compromises … no matter what

Explaining his take on same-sex “marriage” further on his company’s website, Flourney unapologetically made his religious convictions visible for all to see, insisting that he is willing to stand up for his biblically backed beliefs no matter what pressures he and his wife are faced with by the court or LGBT community.

“My wife and I have been placed in a situation where we face the choice of giving up the freedom by which God has made us free — or bow down to the ungodly and perverse conduct of those who want to marry the same sex or claim they are some sex other than what God made them to be,” the Christian business owner expressed in a recent blog post. “We have decided that we must obey God rather than man, regardless of the consequences here on earth.”

Flourney wrote that he stands with numerous other Christian Americans who refuse to sell out their businesses to the dictates of a culture that refuses to allow people to practice their faith as they choose — a right that he argues is guaranteed to all citizens by the United States Constitution.

“Christian bakers, photographers, florist, musicians and venue owners are being destroyed all over the country by the ACLU,” the devout believer continued. “They intend to stop the teaching and preaching of the Word of God that does not align with their idea of a politically correct culture.”

Things are only going to get worse …

As a Christian attorney, Flourney has clearly seen the war on those who hold to a biblical worldview concerning marriage as being only between one man and one woman, and he predicts that things are not going to get any better for believers, as persecution that was once only witnessed overseas will soon reach America’s shores.

“Whole portions of God’s Word will be declared hate speech and outlawed,” he warned in his post.

Besides shutting down Christian businesses, it was argued that the law of the land dictated by the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision made last year will soon work to try and silence God’s Word in churches — or permanently close their doors for refusing to compromise by teaching and applying the Bible and exercise their faith.

“The tax exempt status of churches will be removed by the government,” Flourney predicted. “As we speak, the government is forcing some churches to accept the transgender agenda and provide accommodations for them.”

Even though the Texas lawyer is wary about the direction in which America’s justice system is headed, he expressed to The Stream that he is confident that he would be victorious if an individual or organization sued him for not caving in to allow a same-sex wedding on his property. He contends that he would win in a court of law by standing on his individual constitutional rights and the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

When addressing the response he has gotten for openly proclaiming his take on the controversial issue, the Christian attorney and business owner shared that the overwhelmingly positive feedback he and his wife have received from his local community has been more than encouraging. He ended by exhorting believers to boldly live out their faith in the face of adversity.

“[Pastors, Christians, and church leaders need to] wake up and begin to stand up [because] together, we can remain the land of the free when we prove that we are the home of the brave,” Flourney concluded.


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