On Wednesday, the famed Benghazi “whistle blowers” testified before The House Oversight and Reform Committee, and what they had to say should have every single media outlet burning the midnight oil to get the story out. The testimony was detailed, emotional, and riveting. More importantly, the testimony painted a picture of a series of events that goes beyond incompetence. What we are looking at is political corruption that led to the death of four Americans.

One of the key witnesses was Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya Greg Hicks. Greg was there. He was in the middle of it all, and he became the highest ranking representative of the U.S. in Libya when his boss, Ambassador Chris Stevens, was murdered.

Hicks noted that there was absolutely no public uprising going on during the night of September 11, 2012. Hicks also noted that it was crystal clear, almost immediately, that the attack was a terrorist attack. There was no “fog of war.” There was no Internet video. There was only an Islamic extremist group hell bent on killing Americans. The State Department knew this. The White House knew this. Everyone knew this.

During the proceedings, it was noted that not one, not two, but three separate military units were within range to help the doomed Americans. They were within range, but help was not sent. Hicks was standing next to one of the generals who wanted to help but was told to “stand down.” That part of the testimony really stood out to me.

Another whistle-blower questioned Wednesday why more military assets were not deployed sooner during the Benghazi terror attack. Mark Thompson, a former Marine and official with the State Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau, said he was rebuffed by the White House when he asked for a specialized team — known as a FEST team — to be deployed. This is a unit made of special operations personnel, diplomatic security, intelligence and other officers.

Suggesting that some were hesitant to deploy because they were unsure what was happening, “One definition of a crisis is you do not know what’s going to happen in two hours,” he said.

Further, Hicks explained how a separate team of special forces personnel were not given the authorization to fly from Tripoli to Benghazi. “They were furious,” he said.

The Democrats on the committee were absolutely pathetic. Don’t they want to know why this happened?

What we’ve learned is that all facets of the Obama administration knew that the attack was terrorist related. So why didn’t Obama order action to help save these Americans? Why was the military not allowed to act? Recall that Obama gave a speech just the week before the attack stating that al Qaeda was on the run.

Trying to save face from an obvious terrorist attack could be the reason why the story was invented that the attack was a spontaneous uprising due to an anti-islamic Internet video. The idea of politics being played with this situation and a blatant lie put forward to the American people is worthy of serious fallout within the Obama administration. They flat out lied to the American people. But that was the “after.” Even more ominous is the fact that Obama and his team REFUSED to act to save American lives. They refused. For this, they should all be put in jail. Period.

The Benghazi murders go beyond incompetence. There were specific decisions made to withhold support for the Americans fighting for their lives. Then, in order to cover up these deliberate decisions, and a story… a cover-up… was concocted which Obama’s team hoped with explain why they didn’t act: “we didn’t know for sure what was happening… we thought it was an uprising.” We know this isn’t true, and because it’s not true, the motives behind what happened are much more chilling.

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