President Biden said he’d relish a rematch against former President Trump in 2024, vowing that he’d run on his record as a strong leader on the world stage.

Answering a question about European worries that Trump could win a rerun, Biden said on Thursday in a speech with NATO leaders in Brussels that he’d be happy to let the voters decide between his “America’s back” foreign policy doctrine and Trump’s isolationist approach.

“The next election, I’d be very fortunate to have that same man running against me,” said Biden.

The president pointedly avoided using Trump’s name, referring to him at another point as “the person you mentioned.”

Insisting he was not blowing his own horn, Biden nevertheless claimed he commands more respect from allies because he has rebuilt unity among Western allies.

“I don’t think you’ll find any European leader who doubts I am up to the job,” he said, thumping his chest in jest to make his point.

Biden added that his primary political concern is Democrats’ battle to hold onto Congress in the midterm elections.

“My main focus on any election is to retain control of the House and the U.S. Senate so I can have room to continue to … return to deal with foreign policy in a rational way … to lead the free world,” Biden said.

Biden sees foreign policy as one of the most important pillars of his long-running feud with Trump.

He came into office determined to roll back Trump’s mercurial and isolationist foreign policy and dramatically bolster the alliance with Western allies.

The president conceded that some European leaders still have deep-seated worries about the future of American democracy, especially with Trump making no secret of his plans to make another White House run.

Biden blamed those jitters on the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by extremist supporters of Trump, which he said stunned geopolitical friends and rivals alike.

“Imagine if we saw the doors of the Bundestag broken down and police officers killed and hundreds pouring in. Imagine if we saw something like that in the British Parliament,” he said. “How would we feel?”

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