The Democrats’ former frontrunning presidential candidate Joe Biden invited the alleged whistleblower – who charged President Donald Trump with using leverage to investigate the former vice president’s son for his Ukrainian business dealings – to a glitzy State Department event in 2016, showing their previous connection.

Biden is reportedly ramping up his anti-Trump campaign by deflecting attention off his alleged covert dealings as vice president when he leveraged his son, Hunter Biden, in lucrative overseas business dealings. Negative media coverage is now honing in on former White House intelligence analyst Eric Ciaramella, who’s name grabbed national headlines after a piece by RealClearInvesvigation’s controversial journalist Paul Sperry was covered by mainstream media, revealing the former White House insider as the whistleblower.

“Sperry made the case that Eric Ciaramella – the National Security Council’s Ukraine director during the Obama administration and during the early days of the Trump administration – was the individual who originally lodged the complaint against Trump,” The Western Journal reported.

According to Sperry, Democrats did all they could to keep Ciaramella’s name from being exposed, and many critics now argue that their reasoning for hiding his name had a lot more to do with protecting themselves, rather than just the whistleblower.

“But the name of a government official fitting that description – Eric Ciaramella – has been raised privately in impeachment depositions, according to officials with direct knowledge of the proceedings, as well as in at least one open hearing held by a House committee not involved in the impeachment inquiry,” Sperry wrote in his revealing investigative report on RealClearInvestigations. “Fearing their anonymous witness could be exposed, Democrats this week blocked Republicans from asking more questions about him and intend to redact his name from all deposition transcripts.”

Pumping up a deflating campaign?

As Biden strives to resuscitate his previous 2020 presidential frontrunner status, he is keeping a close eye on the impeachment proceedings to remove Trump from the White House before next year’s election, and the effort to oust him is now being led by Ciaramella’s charge against the president.

But now, many are maintaining that Biden’s ties to Ciaramella are evidenced by his personal invitation to the whistleblower to attend a lavish lunch in October 2016, held in honor of Italy’s prime minister during the former vice president’s last year serving alongside former President Barack Obama.

“Biden co-hosted the banquet with former Secretary of State John Kerry for then-Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi,” the Washington Examiner reported. “Ciaramella – who is of Italian heritage – was among the U.S. officials who accepted an invitation, [and he] is now a deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council, reporting to the director of national intelligence.”

The whistleblower’s close ties to Biden and other top Democrats is now being brought to light.

“Ciaramella – a career CIA analyst – was Ukraine director on the National Security Council during the end of the Obama administration and remained there during the early months of the Trump administration, when he was briefly acting senior director for European and Russian affairs,” the Examiner’s Daniel Chaitin and Jerry Dunleavy noted. “He is now accused of being the official who filed a complaint about a July 25 phone call in which President Trump urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into a conspiracy theory regarding CrowdStrike and investigate Biden – a Democratic candidate for president in 2020 – in relation to his son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine.”

Specifics behind the complaint against Trump are working to whitewash over Biden’s dealings with the Ukraine to secure a lucrative contract for his son and pull the focus onto the president’s speaking with Ukrainian officials to look into the former VP’s abuse of power and influence to protect and personally benefit his son, Hunter.

“The complaint sparked concerns about potential abuse of power and led to impeachment proceedings in the Democrat-controlled House, in which witnesses have said they believe Trump held out on meeting with Zelensky and congressionally approved military aid in exchange for political favors,” Chaitin and Dunleavy explained.

The Trump administration accuses Biden of an even more serious offense.

“Both Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, claim Biden improperly used his role as vice president to pressure Ukraine to fire former top prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was widely seen as corrupt, in 2016 to protect his son from an investigation into Burisma Holdings – a Ukrainian energy company at which the younger Biden held a $50,000-per-month position on the board,” the Examiner recounted. “This stems from a 2018 video showing the elder Biden bragging about threatening to hold back $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees if Ukraine did not terminate Shokin from his post.”

But Trump’s charges got put on the backburner once Ciaramella’s allegations dominated the news. And until now, Ciaramella’s close connection with Biden wasn’t brought to light, as his name was previously buried in a long list of other invitees.

“Ciaramella, 33, is listed among dozens of other people who were invited to the October 2016 event hosted by Biden under the category ‘WH EOVP,’ or the White House Executive Office of the Vice President, in an unclassified State Department document released through the Freedom of Information Act,” the Examiner report informed. “An ‘A’ appears next to his name, indicating he accepted the invitation.”

Just last month, the Examiner divulged that as a career analyst with extensive expertise in Ukraine policy, the whistleblower worked closely with Biden during Obama’s presidency.

It is argued that Ciararmella was closely tied to top Obama officials, as bigwigs in the administration were no-shows, whereas close ties to Biden were expressly invited.

“[The invitation was extended to] a relatively low-level GS-13 federal employee, was unusual and signaled he was politically connected inside the Obama White House,” Sperry pointed out.

And his intimate work with Obama and foreign diplomats puts further suspicions that Ciaramella could possibly be working as an agent for chief Democrats to remove Trump from office.

“Former White House officials said Ciaramella worked on Ukrainian policy issues for Biden in 2015 and 2016 – when the vice president was President Obama’s ‘point man’ for Ukraine,” Sperry noted. “A Yale graduate, Ciaramella is said to speak Russian and Ukrainian, as well as Arabic, [and] he had been assigned to the National Safety Council by [former CIA Director John] Brennan.”


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