Joe Biden appeared to fall flat while delivering remarks to commemorate 100 years since the Tulsa race massacre.

On Tuesday, the Democrat traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to introduce a plan to tackle income inequality for black Americans. He began his speech by taking a moment to shine the light on himself by falsely claiming he’s the first president to travel to the city.

“The events we speak of today took place 100 years ago and yet, I’m the first president in 100 years ever to come to Tulsa,” Biden claimed. His comments came nearly a year after President Trump visited the BOK Center in Tulsa for his first campaign event since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Biden then introduced a plan aimed at boosting black wealth creation throughout the nation. His plan would create an agency to address inequality in home appraisals with the Housing and Urban Development Department enacting two new fair housing rules that will make it easier to enforce the Fair Housing Act.
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The details of the money they plan to spend and who will be targeted to receive it can be found at the following link: Biden-Harris Administration Announces New Actions to Build Black Wealth and Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap


And then there was the moment when Biden left the stage to talk to little girls in the audience.

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