The Biden administration needs to come clean about the unprecedented and politically tinged raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.

It’s irresponsible for the FBI to continue to withhold details about the daylong raid — sorry, it wasn’t just a search — even from the former president and his lawyers.

The longer it goes on without any legal reasons behind the search warrant, the more the suspicion and speculation will grow among Trump supporters and others that the FBI was doing the Democrats’ bidding and trying to keep Trump from reclaiming the presidency.

How in America do you conduct a secret raid on the house of a former president without disclosing why it was necessary?

The FBI needs to make the search warrant public immediately.

About 30 agents spent the entire day at the Florida mansion, combing through drawers, the bedroom and even Melania’s clothes, according to the New York Post. The agents went through the Trump family’s 3,000-square-foot private quarters and a locked basement storage room and cracked open Trump’s safe — which was reportedly empty, the Post reported.

The agents came away with 15 cardboard boxes filled with documents from Trump’s presidency and possibly other papers. Trump’s lawyers were forbidden from even entering the home — leading to even more questions about what they were looking for.

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To Trump supporters, this was the equivalent of storm troopers picking through the former president’s papers and personal life on behalf of a totalitarian regime.

Did the FBI agents plant evidence to trap Trump? That’s a question Trump backers are going so far as to ask today.

The raid has only widened the partisan divide in this country and fueled more fears among Trump supporters that the “Deep State” is out to get the former president, while ignoring possible crimes by Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Trump allies are taking advantage of the lack of information to attack the FBI and Democrats for using Nazi-style tactics, and they’re using the raid as yet another platform for Trump to run for president again in 2024.

Trump’s campaign arm is blasting out fundraising appeals in the wake of the raid, and it’s likely to raise millions of dollars from the FBI’s questionable decision.

The White House claims Biden had no advance knowledge of the raid, which seems not very believable.

Even if Biden didn’t approve of the raid, it could go down as one of the worst decisions yet for the Democratic administration — giving Trump a huge fundraising platform and positioning himself to run again.

If the raid produces evidence that Trump committed crimes, it may be worth it for Democrats. But whatever happens, they’ll now have to live with the consequences.

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