A post-election survey in November reveals that American adults continue to be less and less supportive of socialism.

The Cultural Research Center (CRC) at Arizona Christian University conducted an online poll of 1,000 adults November 4-16 last year and found that the socialist policies being ushered in by President Joe Biden are opposed by most American adults. The new commander-in-chief has done that via an unprecedented number of executive orders since taking office on January 20 – and more anti-capitalist policies are expected from his administration.

“Support for socialism in the United States is at its lowest level in years – with less than a third of all American adults (32%) preferring socialism to capitalism in the wake of the 2020 election – after reaching a peak of 41% of U.S. adults only two years earlier,” CRC reported.

“The 9% decline among U.S. adults since 2018 represents more than 20 million fewer preferring socialism over capitalism, [as] a two-thirds majority (68%) said they prefer capitalism to socialism (more than 170 million adults), [while] one-third – about 80 million Americans – prefer[ring] socialism is significant, despite the overall decline in support for socialism nationwide.”

Socialism – a godless system

Last September, a separate CRC study found that 98% of American adults who support socialism stand against a biblical worldview, but Len Munsil, president of Arizona Christian University, is encouraged by the November findings.

“[The survey shows that having a biblical worldview] is the best defense against embracing socialism,” Munsil observed from the latest findings. “[The waning interest in socialism means that] minds can be changed in the cultural debate of socialism versus capitalism. Our students are challenged to engage seriously with the moral and Scriptural arguments for the free market, and to look critically at the ideas and consequences of socialism.”

CRC found that a majority of American adults championing socialism support big federal government taking over many aspects of their lives:

  • Reducing racial discrimination via legal means – 62%
  • Providing universal healthcare insurance – 59%
  • Restoring financial solvency to Social Security and Medicare – 55%
  • Redistributing wealth – 52%
  • Establishing more stringent environmental standards – 50%

Not surprisingly, the youngest group of American adults surveyed (30 and younger) represent the smallest dip (from 48% to 43%) in those who support socialism, while the largest decline was among those aged 30-49 (from 49% to 34%), with those 50 and older dropping from 30% to 23%.

A Christian worldview makes a world of difference

CRC’s survey showed that adults least likely to approve of socialism were found among Christian groups.

“Those with a biblical worldview – identified as ‘integrated disciples’ – were least likely to support socialism (only 12%),” CRC researchers disclosed. “Similarly, SAGE Cons (i.e., Spiritually Active Governance Engaged Conservative Christians) also showed only 12% support for socialism, [while] support for socialism among self-identified Christians was 30% – down 9 percentage points since June 2018 – [and] about one-third (32%) of born-again Christians expressed support for socialism – down only slightly from 35%.”

With socialism being firmly rooted in atheistic communist principles, CRC researchers were not shocked to find that non-believing American adults were the biggest proponents of socialist policies in U.S. politics.

“Those of non-Christian faith saw the greatest increase in support for socialism, from 38% to 44%,” researchers pointed out. “[S]piritual skeptics demonstrate the most volatility when it comes to socialism, [with] more than half (51%) of spiritual skeptics embraced socialism over capitalism in early 2018, but that number dropped by 16 percentage points to 35%, in the wake of the 2020 election.”

CRC director of research Dr. George Barna stressed that those who remain ignorant about the destructive nature of socialism could bear the tragic consequences of it, like millions of others around the world – present and past – who already have.

“[Uninformed Americans must] better understand the meaning and long-term implications of socialism before substantial systemic changes are made,” Barna warned. “Transitioning from capitalism to socialism would be a major, life-changing choice that would have dramatic consequences and far-reaching impacts on the health and well-being of our country and its people, yet, because they are inadequately educated on these matters, many people are easily swayed by superficial, tangential or emotional arguments.”

Survey results also showed that political liberals were most likely to support socialism over capitalism (54%), along with Democrats (54%), followed by those not voting in the 2020 election (43%), and adults under 30 (43%).

On the other hand, U.S. adults who are least likely to favor socialism over capitalism are those supporting a biblical worldview (12%), political conservatives (21%), and those aged 50 and older (23%).


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