A black conservative says segregating new college students by race is doing more harm than good.

The famously left-wing University of California-Berkley invited what it called “special populations” to attend racially-exclusive orientation sessions, education watchdog Campus Reform reported in a recent story.

Hispanic, black, Native American, and Asian students were invited to the “Golden Bear Orientation” events.

Radio talk show host Charles Butler says while orientation for minorities is needed, it doesn’t need to be done in a segregated manner.

“I do know that ethnic students have issues in terms of lack of access to information,” he says. “But I don’t think that these orientations should be in addition to orientations with the larger student body.”

With an enrollment of approximately 40,000 students, Berkeley is considered an exclusive campus due to its low acceptance rate of freshman.

According to 2016 stats, the majority of Berkeley students are Asian (42 percent) followed by white students (24 percent), Hispanics (13 percent), and blacks (2.5 percent).

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The president of the Berkeley College Republicans – by far a minority on the left-wing campus – reminded Campus Reform that the university already publicizes racially-segregated “Theme Programs” in its residence halls, where students can be part of a “smaller and closer-knit residential community of students,” according to the university’s website.

A black Berkeley student told the L.A. Times in February that she needs a “safe space” on campus because white students refused to be her lab partner, and a second black student said the university views her as a “pet” and doesn’t care about her soul.

Butler says the separate orientations are rooted in an attempt to separate certain student groups from the rest of the student body, which is harmful.

“I think it’s very important in those orientations – we talk about this all the time – for our students to make friends, to befriend white students, to not segregate themselves,” he says.


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