Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made a big deal about Chick-fil-A and its corporate owner. He said that the values of Chick-fil-A are not “Chicago values.” The question is… what exactly are Chicago values? Are they represented by teenagers who form a mob and steal from a business owner? Apparently so.

As reported by CBS News in Chicago a “rob mob” (as I like to call it) gathered in a clothing store owned by Luke Cho. When the teens finally bolted from the establishment, they left with over $3,000 of stolen merchandise in hand:

According to the report, “Cho said, out of the 22 people he believes were part of the flash mob, he actually has names for about six of them. He also said police have received tips on the robbery.”

Cho said he even knew one of the teens he believes was involved.

“I recognized him, because I caught him shoplifting here, and I didn’t call the police. I called the parents,” he said.

Monday morning, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he’s taken the issue up with Police Supt. Garry McCarthy.

“I’ve talked to … Garry McCarthy and the Police Department. They’re looking into that and we’ll get back on that,” Emanuel said.

I guess this is what Chicago values are, Mr. Mayor?

Other business owners in Wicker Park said they fear it could happen again.

Another Wicker Park store manager said he’s familiar with these flash mobs, from working at a downtown business. He said much of the stolen merchandise is often sold on the city’s public transportation routes.

Rather than criticizing an individual for his personal beliefs, maybe Emanuel should stick to doing his job. I doubt most of the people living in Chicago believe that stealing and mob activity are the “values” Chicago wants to be known for.

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