In a state where illegal immigration runs rampant, Mexican drug dealers cross into U.S. land, and the federal government continually tries to crack down on the state’s efforts to enforce immigration laws, it’s no wonder that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has a hard time with Barack Obama. Those feelings were on full display when Obama traveled to Arizona and was greeted on the tarmac by Brewer. Apparently our commander-in-chief is a little thin skinned.

As noted in The Hill, “After welcoming the president upon his arrival, Obama told Brewer he didn’t like the way he was characterized in her book, ‘Scorpions for Breakfast,’ the governor told reporters traveling with the president.”

“He was a little disturbed about my book,” Brewer said. “I said to him that I have all the respect in the world for the office of the president.”

But Obama “didn’t feel that I had treated him cordially” in the book, the governor said.

According to the traveling media’s pool reporter, Brewer asked Obama if he had actually read the book to which Obama replied that he read the excerpt.

She said the president brought up the book.

“I thought we probably would’ve talked about the things that were important to him and important to me, helping one another. Our country is upside down. Arizona was upside down. But we have turned it around.”

It was clear from the moment they greeted one another that this would not be a run-of-the-mill encounter between the president and a local official. At one point, she was pointing her finger at him and at another, they were talking at the same time, seemingly over each other.

He appeared to walk away from her while they were still talking, and she confirmed that by saying she didn’t finish her sentence.

The relationship between Brewer and Obama has been tense for some time. When Arizona enacted an illegal immigration law to try to do what the federal government won’t, Obama directed his Justice Department to sue the state.

But apparently what all this comes down to is that Brewer did not give proper deference to Obama the King, and Obama got his feelings hurt. If he’d be more concerned about the American people and less concerned about living like royalty, we might actually get things done in this country.

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