A Michigan town has demonstrated that government bodies should not surrender because of threats from atheist activist organizations.

As part of its Christmas tradition, Menominee, Michigan, allows a nativity scene in a city park. However, town officials decided to remove it after caving in to a threatening letter it received from the atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

Mat Staver, who heads Liberty Counsel, told OneNewsNow that the creche display was removed – but not for long.

Liberty Counsel got involved [on the town’s behalf],” Staver announced. “We provided a letter giving the correct version of the law – not what the atheists wanted to distort. We also provided free legal advice to this group of local government leaders, and they decided to take our advice – and they are now celebrating Christmas.”

According to federal court rulings, the nativity scene – if combined with secular items such as a Christmas tree and Santa Claus – is legal and constitutional, so Menominee corrected its display to conform to the court’s opinions.

Staver is proud of the determination of city officials, who elected not to submit to atheist demands.

“I think it really sets the tone, so that these governments don’t simply bow down to these distorted, threatening letters from atheist organizations – or religious opposition organizations such as Freedom From Religion Foundation,” the legal expert expressed.

Staver maintains that this is a victory for Christians who simply want to practice their faith and celebrate the true reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ.


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