White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany recently revealed why she can always be seen wearing a cross when in the public eye.

Daily Caller News Foundation’s Mary Margaret Olohan asked McEnany about her deliberate statement of wearing a cross at a time when many Americans are fearful to display their Christian faith.

“I always see that you visibly wear a cross, and that’s not something that all Americans do. A lot of Americans feel a little awkward about wearing a cross in public and maybe don’t want to talk about their faith,” Olohan asked McEnany in a DCNF interview the week before Christmas. “Can you explain a little bit why you wear a cross so visibly every day on national television?”

The 32-year-old McEnany, who has an infant daughter and is married to Major League Baseball player Sean Gilmartin, stressed that her devotion to Jesus Christ and biblical beliefs are central to her position as President Donald Trump’s voice to the media.

“Because faith is the reason I’m here,” McEnany answered, according to DCNF.

Noting that she never set out to become the president’s press secretary, she called her steps to the White House – including her service with the Republican National Committee, as a cable news commentator and as a White House intern while George W. Bush was president – an “unlikely path.”

“I’ll never forget watching Dana Perino give her press briefing, never thinking that I would one day be behind that podium,” McEnany insisted. “It never was my goal, I always wanted to be in politics and media, but never really set out for that position.”

Following God’s leading … not her own

She credited God for placing her at her high-visibility position today.

“I always wanted to be in politics and media, but never really set out for that position – but it all fit together like a woven web because God had a path lined up for me, as He does for each and every person on Earth,” McEnany added. “All you have to do is trust Him, and follow the path, and pray, and He makes all the dots fit together. The very least I can do is wear the cross – the symbol of the very instrument He died on to save humanity, Jesus Christ.”

As a Christian wife and mother she shared about what it is like confronting the mainstream media’s overt bias against conservative women in the United States.

“No matter what Republican administration it is, Republican women are just treated differently by virtue of their party ideology,” McEnany expressed. “It’s unfortunate, but if you are a Republican, male or female, you will be attacked particularly in the Trump administration because the media always is keen to demonstrate their innately liberal bias.”

McEnany, who has unflinchingly fought back against the mainstream media during its attacks on her and the Trump administration, has never been one to back down and persistently seeks to set the record straight, while standing on the strength she finds in her faith in Jesus Christ.

“The press secretary balances the virtues of intellect, strength, family and motherhood, and she isn’t shy about outwardly celebrating her faith, either,” The Western Journal explained. “She’s turned the tables on the establishment media since her first briefing on May 1, [and] as the adage goes: in a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

This was not the first time the press secretary was candid about sharing her Christian beliefs publicly.

“God put me in this place for a purpose,” McEnany said several months ago when asked about her faith and work, according to The Christian Post.

She does not only live out and practice her faith at home and church, but while at work, as well.

“[McEnany] brings prayer, biblical values and the confidence of true faith to her job,” CP noted. “Even in the midst of the pandemic, she has found the time to run a weekly virtual Bible study with members of the Trump campaign and the GOP.”


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