The lockdown hammer landed hard on California and several other states Monday. At one time it seemed absurd to think government officials’ pandemic orders were a dry run for future attempts to confine and subjugate the country to mitigate global warming. It’s time we rethink that.

Observant and cunning politicians have gone to school since March and are now likely convinced they can use the pretext of a climate emergency to control Americans and break the back of capitalism. No, we’re not likely to see the open-ended lockdowns we’re enduring during the coronavirus outbreak. Those would be too obvious. Politicians can be sneaky sorts so we expect something more subtle and incremental.

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Numerous governors throughout the country have reinstated safety precautions in recent weeks to try to combat the rapid spike in coronavirus cases weeks before large family gatherings and holiday getaway trips are slated to take place.

More than 11 million cases have been reported in the United States since the COVID-19 pandemic started, as Americans prepare to observe upcoming holidays. The holidays themselves draw even more concern among public officials who fear large gatherings may exacerbate the current health situation in the country.
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Here are a couple of examples. Go to the Fox News article for a state by state list of what is going on. Then please share what you think about this second lockdown.

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