It has become de rigueur for leftists — not old-style liberals as represented by Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy — to call conservatives fascists, and Nazis. Leftists incorrectly apply these labels to conservatives. This misuse of words and terms is to be expected from a group that accepts the current characterization of the group antifa as “anti-fascist” and the BLM riots as “mostly peaceful.” 

I had always viewed the political ideological spectra as circular, till I read an article by Dan Mitchell (Mitchell, 2021). Mr. Mitchell provides a triangle structure on how to view the inter-relationship of different political ideologies (image from the same article). Since Nazis are motivated by race hatred and socialists by class hatred and both are against free markets and state over the individual, they are the opposite of libertarianism — at the top of the triangle — and opposite each other at the bottom. He points out that “fascism involves government control rather than government ownership, but the result is the same” — collectivism. 

George F. Will in an opinion piece titled “Opinion: The difference between Trumpism and fascism” stated that Mussolini — “a fervent socialist” — “distilled fascism to this: “Everything within the state, nothing outside of the state, nothing against the state” (F. Will, 2020). Mr. Mitchell references a Michael Moynihan (senior editor at Reason magazine) review of the book “Hitlers Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State” by Gotz Aly (published by New York: Metropolitan Books) (Moyinhan, 2007) points out “Adolf Eichmann viewed National Socialism and communism as “quasi-siblings.” Further, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels celebrated “our socialism” of the Nazi State as late as 1944 touting “the best social welfare measures.” Mr. Moynihan goes on to agree with Hayek (Hayek, 1944) about “a strong family resemblance between traditional socialism and national socialism. Both are totalitarian creeds.” As pointed out by Mr. Mitchell, “The Nazis called themselves socialists ….” 

However, to have closure, Hitler being a Socialist requires examination. Luckily, Chris Talgo tackles the question in his commentary and analysis titled “Hitler Was a Socialist Who Learned from Karl Marx. Here are the Quotes to Prove It” (Talgo, 2020). Mr. Talgo makes several interesting comments. First, “there has arisen significant confusion over Hitler’s political ideology, largely to protect today’s left-wing movements.” Second, “It is patently false to classify Hitler on the “right” side of the political spectrum, a tactic the Left adopted long ago to demonize conservatives.” 

In Hitler’s own words, Hitler loathed capitalism, detested individualism, and despised democracy. And “Although Hitler was not in full agreement with all of Marx’s ideology (like many other socialists), he certainly held many Marxist views, and he did so openly” (Talgo, 2020). These comments clearly indicate that the Left has purposely used the term Nazi and fascist as a method to smear conservatives for political gain. To flesh out his point, Chris provides selected quotes by Hitler. 

Hitler on Marxism: 

“National Socialism derives from each of the two camps the pure idea that characterizes, national resolution from bourgeois tradition: vital, creative socialism from the teaching of Marxism.” January 27, 1934, interview with Hanns Johst in Frankforter Volksblatt 

Hitler on Teaching Socialism: 

“There is a difference between the theoretical knowledge of socialism and the practical life of socialism. People are not born socialists, but must first taught how to become them.” October 5, 1937, speech in Berlin 

The article continues with more quotes from Hitler on capitalism, social justice, class abolition, Marxism and socialism, state property control, bourgeoisie, profits, triumph of socialism, and German socialism, as well as on his own fanatical socialism. Apparently, many more quotes linking Hitler and socialism exist. 

However, I think the following quote is the most damning: 

Hitler on the Hammer and Sickle:

“The hammer will once more become the symbol of the German worker and the sickle the sign of the German peasant.” May 1, 1934, May Day speech in Berlin 

Obviously, Hitler’s own quotes clearly show that he was not just a socialist, but a national socialist, and a self proclaimed fanatical national socialist. Fascism, communism, Nazism, and Socialism are related collectivist ideologies. Further, usage of the terms “fascist” and “Nazi” to smear conservatives is a tactic intended to silence and marginalize the opposition. 

Final question. Is the Democrat Party Socialist? The answer is in plain sight. Senator Sanders, Representative Ocasio-Cortez, as well as the infamous “Squad” and other Democrats have announced that they are “Democrat Socialists.” Therefore, in name, they are Socialist. However, Democrat party members do not see themselves as Socialist (51% to 20%). Yet, 41% of Democrats think favorably of moving away from capitalism and towards socialism, and 52% versus 19% have a positive opinion of socialism (Frankovic, 2019). 

Reviewing, “The 25 Points of Hitler’s Nazi Party” (Unknown, n.d.) contains many points, common points and talking points of the Democrats. Planks put forward by the Nazis included nationalization of all trusts, profit-sharing on large industries, the seizure of agricultural land, significant tax increases on wealth and profit, free university and healthcare for all, government control of the news narrative, and centralization of authority. Coupled with the Nazi statement of “COMMON GOOD BEFORE INDIVIDUAL GOOD” and you have suppression of the individual by the state. 

Clearly, Democrats are positive towards Socialism. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Nazism are “quasi-siblings.” Currently, if the Democrats are not Socialists, they are rapidly moving towards that political ideology, and are flirting with fascism, potentially even Nazism. In short, I believe the evidence supports the statement — Democrats are Fascists.

Garrett W. Lindemann, Ph.D. is a conservative having survived the liberalism of academia, life sciences, and the left coast. Professionally, he has worked and traveled in North American and Europe. Previous publications include peer-reviewed science articles and articles in medical and science magazines, one self-published book, and two film documentaries. He is the author of many white papers, and inventor or co-inventor on several patents.

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