The Antifa terrorism entered a new phase last weekend when a 69-year-old man attacked an immigration detention facility in Tacoma, Wash. His weapons consisted of incendiary devices and a rifle. After setting a car afire, he was shot dead by police. He had a history of Antifa sympathizing and sent several “farewell” letters to friends anticipating being killed in his planned attack.

Let’s put this into context.

After the Civil War, the Democratic Party developed a military wing. It was and still is called the Ku Klux Klan. As most terror organizations, it was formed to achieve a political outcome. At that time, its mission was to ensure that then-freed black slaves could not vote or exercise all the rights of citizenship.

Today, the military wing of the left is Antifa, short for “antifascist.” The name itself is in keeping with the radical left ploys by seizing control of the language and naming things incorrectly so as to mask the true mission.

If one compares the tactics used by Antifa at its various riots, vandalism, beatings and intimidations, there is no significant difference between them and the havoc wreaked by the Brown Shirts that hastened the rise of the Nazi Party in post-World War I Germany.

I know that there will be those who say that an argument is lost when the words “Nazi” or “Hitler” are used. This is true when they are used as name-calling epithets; however, the purpose of this column is to point out the tactics being used by Antifa leftists and that the comparison made to Brown Shirts is valid.

Also keep in mind that “Nazi” is the acronym for the German name for National Socialist Party, which Adolph Hitler came to control.

So, the irony is now that the Socialist rioters are claiming to be against what they actually are: Fascists.

It has been pointed out by many of my friends that the Antifa actions have not been taking place here in Texas. There is a clear reason for that.

In every case of a major Antifa riot, the police were ordered to stand down and allow the rioters to run rampant. Millions of dollars of property damage were incurred as well and very serious injuries. Also, these earlier riots occurred in states with draconian gun control that gave the advantage to the criminals. When common self-defense is outlawed the politicians can control who does what to whom. The likelihood of this sort of lawlessness happening in Texas is far less than the liberal pits of California, Oregon, Washington and Chicago.

We don’t stand for having our businesses looted and destroyed, our private property burned, and law-abiding citizens terrorized.

Some months ago, we observed interstate highways being blocked by hooded Antifa thugs. What few people noticed is that the blocked traffic had actually created a kill zone, a classic military ambush. So far, there were no gunmen to mow down stranded motorists. But trained military personnel recognized it for what it was: practice.

The danger we face as Americans is complacency. All threats made by Antifa, or any other terrorist organization, must be analyzed, treated seriously, and have countermeasures taken. This is difficult with Democrat control of so many “sanctuary” cities and states. These are the kitchens in which domestic socialist terrorism is prepared.

The mainstream news media appears to play down the riots and the motivations of those involved. Imagine, hooded hoodlums actually being held up and praised for their actions and intimidations.

This failure to uphold the law by politicrats is inexcusable. The liberals and socialists who control ruined pockets of America are pushing the envelop in an effort to explore where Antifa will be most successful in producing their desired political outcome.

It could very well be that a superior and opposite force mounted by peace-loving Americans – possibly federal forces — may be required to restore the rule of law and eradicate this cancerous socialist movement and its bullies.


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