A free speech advocate sees Twitter’s Civic Integrity Policy for what it is.

Calling itself “the place to find real-time, reliable information about the 2022 midterms,” Twitter announced last week that it will start vetting posts about the upcoming elections to ensure they are not misleading or disparaging to the voting process. The California-based social networking service says it will “elevate credible information,” “promote safety,” “provide transparency,” and “collaborate with partners.”

Michael Morris of the Media Research Center’s (MRC) Free Speech America says those are all euphemisms for “push Democrats across the line” like they did in 2020.

“It is a fact that Big Media and Big Tech stole the 2020 election,” he tells AFN. “36% of Biden voters were not made aware of evidence linking Joe Biden to corrupt financial dealings to China through his son, Hunter. 13% of these voters say had they known these facts, they would have not voted for the former vice president.”

The interference, Morris says, continued on even after the election. MRC reported in 2021 that Twitter had censored President Trump and his campaign a grand total of 625 times between May 31, 2018 and January 9, 2021, when the company permanently banned him from its platform. Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden’s account and his campaign’s account were untouched.

“It just goes to show you the complete and overt political bias that exists on the platform,” Morris decides.

Twitter will reportedly boost the content it likes and shadow ban postings it does not like. They will declare certain posts as “misinformation” and other content as “dangerous” and “harmful.”

“A lot of times, they will actually reduce distribution only to flag a post,” the media watchdog adds. “Facebook has said that they’re going to use their fact checkers.”

Morris says Big Social, including Twitter, has consistently set itself up as the arbiter of truth and has consistently been proven wrong.


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