Until Barack Obama took his foot and planted it squarely in his mouth regarding his statements about no business being built without government, the main issue he was trying to ram home was that Mitt Romney was a bad guy for outsourcing American jobs. Well… the more he talks, the more we learn not only about Obama but about the outsourcing friends he has.

As I wrote last week, the issue of outsourcing can only damage one candidate: Barack Obama. Yet, Obama keeps pressing the issue. His claim is that Romney’s former company — Bain Capital — outsourced jobs. I could go on and on about this, but to make it succinct, let’s just deal with the fact that Romney was no longer running the company when Obama and his team say the outsourcing was occurring.

No, let’s look at Obama. In his own budget, Obama calls for outsourcing jobs to Denmark, Mexico, Finland, and other places. Obama is doing it NOW. He is outsourcing… yet where is the outrage?

And guess who Obama was hanging out with at his latest fundraising event in Texas? It was none other than former Dell Computer executive Tom Meredith. Here’s the report from Buzzfeed.com:

In 2001, while serving as senior vice president of Dell Computer Corp, Meredith defended plans to lay off between 3,000 and 4,000 employees — largely in Texas — while sparing about 4,000 jobs in Asia Pacific. When that strategy was reported by the tech press at the time Meredith defended the move.

“We will be ruthless in how we address our cost structure,” Meredith said, a comment that drew wide attention at the time.

The fundraiser at Meredith’s Four Seasons penthouse cost couples as much as $25,000 to attend, according to the Boston Herald.

I guess if liberals like Obama and his cronies outsource, it’s ok. Just remember to remind your friends and colleagues that there is only one candidate for president who is actively sending jobs overseas: Barack Obama.

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