He’s a minority politician, a former cop, and currently sits in arguably the highest-profile elected municipal position in America … but is he “presidential material”? Some Democrats evidently think so.

Despite Joe Biden’s insistence that he plans to run again in a couple of years, The Washington Post, back in April, took upon itself the task of announcing – and ranking – who it viewed as the top 10 possible Democratic presidential candidates in 2024. Not surprisingly, number one was President Biden. Since then, things have gotten progressively worse for the almost 80-year-old chief executive: e.g., record inflation, a porous southern border, $5 to $6 per-gallon gas (even higher in some areas of the country) – and now less than two years into his term, almost two-thirds of Democrats want someone new to carry the party’s banner come 2024.

So … who’s waiting in the wings to do that? Top contenders (in order) according to that April WP story were: Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s current transportation secretary; Vice President Kamala Harris; and one of Biden’s opponents for the 2020 nomination, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Also on that list are names like Senators Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker, Governors Roy Cooper (North Carolina) and Gavin Newsom (California), and – yes – New York Congresswoman and “Squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Now, three months later, not much has changed – according to The Washington Post, at least. Biden is still at the top, and just two names were added further down the list: Senator Bernie Sanders and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

But nowhere on that list is the new mayor of New York City: 61-year-old Eric Adams (pictured above). Yet he’s reportedly considering throwing his hat into the ring, according to a New York Post report. Adams, who took office on January 1 this year, reportedly told someone in city hall that not only does he think New York is a “national platform,” but he thinks with that platform he could win because “the national party has gotten too far to the left.”

Indeed, the three previous NYC mayors have attempted a run for the Oval Office: Bill de Blasio, Michael Bloomberg, and Rudy Giuliani – but none were successful.

Rob Chambers, vice president of AFA Action, sees that trend continuing.

“They’re going to tease the Democratic electorate that … he’s going to be different, [he’s going to be] better,” Chambers tells AFN. “But in all reality, the same people who are pressuring Joe Biden to do or not do what he is doing or not doing are going to be the same people who are pressuring Mayor Adams there from New York City.

“Regardless of what Democrat is selected,” Chambers concludes, “I think the outcome is still going to be the same.”

Adams has denied he’s thinking of running for president – and has stated all he’s focused on is being mayor of the Big Apple. But if he’s able to solve the city’s crime problem in that process, the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin says Adams could be a “legitimate contender for the presidency in 2024 or after.”

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