Every decent American is recognizing the ouster of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as a net positive on so many fronts. From his trail of corruption, to his disastrous and deadly Covid policy, to the belated charges of abusive behavior toward women, Cuomo epitomizes the elitism, presumption of entitlement, and general moral bankruptcy of the leftist political establishment. So of course it will be “good riddance” to Cuomo when he leaves. And the sooner the better!

However, so much of this situation simply doesn’t add up, which means something more significant lurks behind the facade of leftist grandstanding over this ostensible “victory” in a struggle on behalf of women. And unless the real motivation for their ambush of Cuomo is determined, they will once again be getting away with a scam, right before our eyes. So it is necessary to consider all of the possibilities.

For starters, it is glaringly obvious that Cuomo is hardly a “lone wolf” of such behavior. If anything, he is at the end of a long line of leftist Democrats who have totally betrayed the public trust by leveraging their offices for personal aggrandizement and gain. And while the toll on innocent, abused women alone is enormous, this doesn’t even begin to address all the other betrayals of the common citizen that accompany such soulless individuals, the moment they get into positions of high power.

The Clinton Crime Cabal is perhaps the best example, encompassing everything from rampant abuse and even rape of women, to the selling of foreign influence to the highest bidder at the expense of the American people, which was “standard operating procedure” both in the Clinton White House, and from Hillary as Secretary of State. The list of other dirty political operatives who followed this course is quite long.

Even in regards to Cuomo, his other criminal actions and policies were arguably far more expansive and egregious. His willingness to send literally thousands of innocent, helpless, and feeble elderly people to their deaths during the 2020 outbreak of the Wuhan virus is absolutely indefensible and inexplicable, except from a leftist Democrat political perspective. At that point it makes “perfect,” albeit diabolical sense. Expanding the numbers of those who succumbed to the virus was definitely a great political boon for the left, especially as they fanned the flames of fear, chaos, and discord during the sordid and corrupt 2020 presidential campaign season.

So why Cuomo, why these charges, and most of all, why now? A quick look at the other events of August 2020 may well give the answer. It must be understood that leftists never truly care about any cause they claim to champion. From my book “Rules for Defeating Radicals” (Available at Amazon), I explain that leftists only seize on an issue if they believe they can gain politically from it. Hence their castigation and condemnation of aspiring Republicans who might have played “Spin the Bottle” while in high school or college, while the systematic exploitation of women and children on Epstein’s Island and other truly abhorrent actions were swept under the rug, at least until now.

Consider the other major events currently unfolding in our Nation, and how those might impact the leftist agenda if the corruption is uncovered and truth allowed to prevail. From the Maricopa County Arizona audit, in which massive vote fraud (all to the benefit of the Democrats) is being tabulated, to the symposium conducted by “My Pillow” founder Mike Lindell, to the widespread public rejection of the latest alleged “spike” in Covid cases, the leftist effort to claim uncontested dominance over the electorate is on life support. A major “tripwire” event against it could cause the entire leftist house of cards to collapse. And if this scenario ensues, real justice might prevail, meaning those at the epicenter of the corruption would rightly face criminal charges for their participation in the fraud and treason of last November. In light of this, some might be pondering turning “State’s evidence” before they have to face the consequences of their actions. If they do so, it would be the first of many dominoes to fall.

The puppet masters of the leftist cabal are fully aware of the potential risk they face. That is why major “initiatives” of the past few weeks, such as the Biden cabal plan to send vaccine Nazis door to door, and Ol’ Joe’s much ballyhooed 9-11 style “pandemic” speech before a joint session of Congress, have vanished into thin air. The American people are not about to accept any major assaults on their nation from an obviously illegitimate government.

So an unmistakable “warning” must be sent out to all those 2020 coup participants, reminding them that any deviation from the leftist agenda can and will be dealt with, swiftly and severely. Which brings us to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

A leftist Democrat in “good standing” for a very long time, Cuomo’s name had been floated as a possible presidential candidate. Now he’s being marched out of the Governor’s Mansion in disgrace, all for actions that are widely accepted as “normal” among leftist Democrat office holders. The message: The leftist machine can make or break anyone it wants to, at any time, for any reason.

Just as blacks, women, and other minorities are either lauded as heroes, or vilified and denigrated in the most vile, bigoted, and misogynistic terms, the moment they stray from the leftist ideological plantation, those who dare to back out from the ongoing power grab must know the risk they face. A despotic government that does not derive its power from the consent of the governed must maintain control by force and fear. And nobody really believes Biden actually received that “consent” from the American people last November. So Cuomo is just “collateral damage” from the effort to maintain that facade of unquestioned power. In the end he is just as expendable as an aborted baby in the dumpster out behind a Planned Parenthood facility.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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